The Tesotek 2100-B was a type of interstellar refinery manufactured by Cygnus.[1] It was designed to transport and process vast quantities of mineral ore during the course of long-distance interstellar journeys. One such refinery was the cargo being towed by the USCSS Nostromo during its final voyage in 2122.


The Tesotek 2100-B was designed to be hauled by a cargo tug, automatically processing and refining up to 20 million tons of raw mineral ore during the course of long interstellar journeys.[1] Any K- or M-class starship fitted with a docking clamp connector was capable of towing the refinery.[1] Although the platform was fully automated, limited commands could be facilitated through the connected tug's MU/TH/UR computer. While essentially unmanned, the refinery also featured a skeleton compliment of Seegson synthetics capable of performing basic maintenance should the need arise during during transit.[4]

Nostromo Cargo

The refinery being hauled by the Nostromo was just the third interstellar refining platform constructed by Cygnus, having been built between 2112 and 2115.[1] The refinery was destroyed along with the ship in 2122 when the Nostromo's warrant officer, Ellen Ripley, detonated the ship's in order to eradicate the Xenomorph that was loose on board.


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