Ted Gillas,[1] better known as "Junior", was an inmate at the Fiorina "Fury" 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit, one of several who stayed behind after the facility was officially closed down by Weyland-Yutani. He was involved in battling a lone Xenomorph that was born in the prison in 2179.

A serial rapist, Junior acted as ringleader in the rape attempt on Ellen Ripley. While he is killed in the explosion and fire that claims several prisoners in the theatrical version of the film, in the Special Edition he sacrifices his life in order to lure the Xenomorph into a nuclear waste dump where it is then trapped by the other inmates.


Early life

Junior was imprisoned on Fiorina 161 for aggravated sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon,[5] rape and murder.[1] He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Fiorina 161

Junior, along with William, Gregor and one other inmate, cornered Ripley when she went alone to the prison's scrap heap to recover Bishop, and beat her before attempting to gang rape her. Fortunately, Dillon intervened and beat the men off, 're-educating' them with the aid of a length of metal pipe. Junior received the worst of the punishment, and his wounds had to be dressed with bandages afterwards. He was later killed in the quinitricetyline fire that claimed several of the inmates.

Special Edition

"Come and get me, fucker!"
Junior, taunting The Dragon (from Alien3 Special Edition)
In the Special Edition, Junior survives the initial explosions when the quinitricetyline is detonated prematurely, and aids Ripley in saving Gregor, who was set ablaze in the fire. After putting out the flames on Gregor's body, he and Ripley recognized each other from the earlier rape attempt. As they subsequently attempted to flee the raging inferno, Junior encountered the Dragon, the creature having been flushed from the vents above by the flames. The Xenomorph prepared to attack Ripley, Dillon and the others, until Junior screamed at it to attract its attention before running into the empty nuclear waste tank in which the prisoners had planned to trap the creature. The Dragon followed him inside and Ripley, realizing Junior's intentions, slammed the door shut behind him. The survivors could only listen to Junior's screams as the Xenomorph tore him to pieces inside, but thanks to his sacrifice the Dragon had been trapped.

Personality and Traits

Junior had a distinctive tear-drop tattoo beneath his right eye, likely an ironic statement on his part. He was noted as being difficult to control,[5] and his attempt at raping Ripley proves he was violent, amoral and sexually aggressive. However, his sacrifice in the Special Edition shows he was not completely beyond redemption.



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