TecSeks were mechanical weapons, artificial bugs, designed with the likeness of a Xenomorph. TOY, the Liberté's AI computer mainframe, initially created them as movie props but Gisande Salazar, Montcalm-Delacroix et Cie's Chief Security Officer, found they had more practical applications and weaponized them.


TecSeks were modeled after the Xenomorph. They are roughly the size of a Queen, perhaps 2 or 3 feet shorter, and bipedal with digitigrade automatons and silvery-white chassis. Their ceramic skin is acid-proof and resistant to other elements such as fire and explosions. A yellow visor acts as the "eyes" of the robot. They have clawed hands and feet. Along their spines are dorsal tube-like appendages they are configurable and can be weaponized. Though they lack tails, the TecSeks were said to be "equal to the alien" in terms of ferocity, superior in some ways, such as the double shoulder-mounted plasma weapons mounted on each shoulder, not unlike a Plasmacaster. Firepower sufficient for any level of opposition.


TecSeks were designed in the image of the Xenomorph to clean out alien hives and were later used to hunt down Caryn Delacroix and Big Mama.



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