Tanaka 5 is a desert planet that was colonized by humans.[1] Tanaka 5 had at least one sun and moon. It was subject to a severe Xenomorph infestation that was thought to be wiped out by the Space Marines.[2]


At some point, Tanaka 5 was colonized by humans. Hudson was born on the planet before he joined the Space Marines.[1] It later became infested by Scorpion Aliens, using the Tanaka 5 Scorpions as hosts, they multiplied without the human inhabitants knowing.

During a routine survey mission by Lieutenant Ripley's Space Marine unit of the planet's surface, the Marines stumbled upon evidence of the Xenomorph presence in the form of a deceased Tanaka 5 Scorpion with a hole in its abdomen within Sector 27. Soon after, Sergeant Apone was captured by the Scorpion Aliens and taken to the Hive.[3]

Corporal Hicks and Bishop launched a rescue mission for him, where the three Marines ended up discovering the Queen.[4] Ripley arrived in the hive to assist them, and the Marines killed the Queen and blew up the Hive. Believing the threat to be eliminated, the Marines regrouped in Sector Alpha and left the planet. However, at least one Xenomorph survived the destruction of the Hive and clawed its way out of the rubble.[5]

Known Inhabitants[]

Flora and Fauna[]

There is no known indigenous flora on the surface of Tanaka 5.

While humans had colonized part of the planet, the only known indigenous life-forms are the Tanaka 5 Scorpions.[3] Xenomorphs have since taken root on the planet and made it their home. [2]

Climate and Terrain[]

Tanaka 5 most likely possessed a rather hot climate, this is supported by the lack of vegetation and rocky desert wastelands that made up the terrain of the planet.[2]

Points of Interest[]

Unnamed human colony[]

At least one human colony existed on the planet, this colony was the birthplace of Hudson.[1]

Sector Alpha[]

Sector Alpha was presumably the main Marine outpost on the planet. Sector Alpha possibly had a drop-pad.[5]

Sector 27[]

Sector 27 was the designation of an area of the desert outside the colony, it was used as a breeding ground for the Xenomorph presence on the planet. The Xenomorph Hive was located within the underground of Sector 27.[3]

Xenomorph Hive[]

The Xenomorph Hive of Tanaka 5 was located underground in Sector 27, within a system of tunnels and chambers much like an ant colony.[4] The Hive was watched over by a single Queen, who had laid at least 23 Ovomorphs and had at least 39 active Drones, before being discovered by the Space Marines.[6] After the Hive collapsed from Apone's Mega-Grenade, at least one Drone survived.[5]

Behind the Scenes[]

This planet would later serve as the inspiration for the planet NN3346-5 of the Tanaka System in Alien: The Roleplaying Game, which is also known as Tanaka 5.




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