Not to be confused with Seiji Tanaka, Juta Tanaka, or Mike Tanaka
Tanaka was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. Tanaka was one of the Marines caught in an internal explosion aboard the USS Sulaco that occurred just as Corporal Winter from the USS Sephora was attempting to board the Sulaco via the umbilical. The internal explosion proved fatal for Tanaka.


Tanaka was one of the Marines sent aboard the USS Sulaco to investigate the ship. Tanaka was one of the several Marines caught in the internal explosion aboard the Sulaco that occurred just as Cpl. Winter was attempting to board the ship via the umbilical from the USS Sephora. Tanaka was killed in the internal explosion. Paluski attempted to revive Tanaka but was unsuccessful.


  • After Keyes and Winter return to the hangar bay with the Sulaco's flight recorder Tanaka's body is gone.


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