Does no one else find it odd that Grid single-handedly killed two of the three Yautja hunting party? Even if they were ametuers they should have put up more of a fight.

  • He kind of snuck attacked Chopper when he was preoccupied with Alexa, and Celtic should have known that Grid's acid blood would have cut through the net, so I think it was more of the Predator's fault they got killed.--LastJedi1515 (talk) 22:36, February 8, 2010 (UTC)
    • There's definitely something special about Grid. In the novelization he's known as "the alpha-alien". Quick note---individuals means the same thing as characters so you dont need to put him under characters anymore. And (2) Individuals is already listed under In-universe articles under Category: Xenopedia. ----CadmiumX99 08:52, April 8, 2010 (UTC)

As LastJedi1515 said, Chopper was preoccupied. People a very silly about this, and most of them are Predator fans. They complain about this when the facts are that Celtic was busy fighting to notice Grid, and Chopper was attaking Alexa. Grid sneak attacked him, killing him in an instant. Grid's acid blood melted most of Celtic's weapons, he should have been more wise with his weaponary and arsnel. It's Celtic's own fault. Necromorph-X 18:40, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

more than 1?

OK i know there is only 1 but, when Alexa and the predator are allies, he shoots grid (at least it looks like it) so im wondering how he made it back to the queen.SPARTAN-III leader 16:53, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

Ok never mind, i just saw that part, grid moved then the plasma hit the one behind it.SPARTAN-III leader 16:56, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

You don't really need to look closely. Grid Dodged it. Kinda a Bad-ass, eh? Most Xenomorphs die for the Queen whereas Grid doesn't want to. Necromorph-X 18:40, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

this is most likey becuase gird is to important to just give its life up just to kill the predator. if i'm correct then grid is probably equal in rank to specieman 6 in the new avp game. so its likey grid was the next in line to become queen if the existing queen were to die.J.deexeno 22:55, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

Xenomorph gender issues

Technically, all Aliens are it's. Personally, I'm with the idea that what makes the Alien "alien" is that it blurs the line between male and female, biological and mechanical. References to specific xenomorph characters as "he" or "she" are acceptable depending on the story's narrator or how the other characters refer to it.----CadmiumX99 04:45, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

All drones are female which is why they can easily turn into Praetorians or Queen mothers. Warriors are primarily male(which grid is. he's 8'0 and drones never grow larger/get that big and stay drones) but there have been exceptions, Specimen 6 for example.Werebereus (talk) (Contribs) 01:16, June 22, 2011 (UTC)Werebereus

  • I should point out that in Aliens Labyrinth, an Alien actuly got a Women Pregnant the way a Human Male would get a human Female Pregnant. So there has to be male versions of all the Xenos except Queens.

Well, we know that the Queen is a , because she has been called that several times by the characters in films ("She's Badass man, I mean Huge" Hudson, Aliens) and the fact that only females can be Queens.As for others, their gender is most likely female. Threre are some fish in the world who can change their gender, but I'm not sure if Xenos can do this. The idea that people have put "she/ he" on this page is because they find it alot faster to type or simpliar to do than tying "the Alien/ Xenomorph/ Grid". Necromorph-X 17:16, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

It's been stated before by Giger that all Xenomorphs are females. Furthermore, a predator uses the word "sisters" when referring to the xenomorphs in the 2010 game ("This echelon of the brood is rare. They are more powerful than their sisters...") Thus, all Xenomorphs are females. Kinda in a way like nearly all bees in a behive are females, but in this case, all of the species are females (with the exception of that one rogue king alien that appeared in the comic.) Also, referring to the edit summary by TI154th, they were never referred to by gender in AVP2, lest you're talking about the movie, AVP-R, which was filled with so much nonsense I paid it no mind.

And referring to the statement about the alien getting a woman pregnant in the Aliens Labryinth comic, just how much of the comics can really be considered canon?

  • It has not been stated by Giger that all Xenomorphs are aliens... Its funny that you say that he said that it doesn't matter what caste the alien comes from that they are all female when he wouldn't even know about the caste system and most the lore for the Alien Predator universe for that matter. He was only involved with the first movie, at the time of the first movie there was no caste system nor was there any plan for a caste system. Giger also mostly makes transsexual characters in his art work which is disturbing, further more the first Alien ever encountered was refred to as Kains Son. Con>
    • You need to have actually links to were you are getting your information, or page numbers paragraph numbers... Frankly I do not believe you are telling the truth about your references... The fact that you say that Giger would just up and say for no reason all castes in the Aliens uni are all female is very strange but i have already pointed my reasons out for that, as for the AvP3 game I never heard or seen what you wrote was in that game, and have 100% completion on it. I want to know what chapter it is in and then what part of the chapter it is in that is said they are female so I can look it up on youtube or play the game again.
      • Aliens Rouge page 13 first panel, Congratulations, SERGEANT--(HE) looks like a fine specimen. I'M distressed that you slaughtered the other one, however. This was said by Dr. Kleist, the top authority on Intervacius-Raptus, and the first person to see a King Alien (which also appears in this comic.)

Aliens Labyrinth page 46 fifth panel,(Colonel Dr. Church) Good Morning Neighbors! (Unnamed tech)GET IT AWAY FROM ME! OH GOD KEEP IT BACK! (Colonel Dr. Church) Oh, Don't be afraid of Trixie, Ma'am (HE) wont bite! This is also said while Colonel Dr. Church takes a Male Alien drone out for a walk in side a space station with around a populated area. He is also One of the highest authorities on Intervacius-Raptus but not higher than Dr. Kleist. These type of people would know if they are talking about a creature that is male or female or other. I dont think I need to talk about this anymore I have 3 instances of male Intervacius-Raptus being mentioned. 4th if I include reg King Aliens, five if I add the White King Alien from AvP deadliest of the species.

        • It is also very unwise to compare them to bees or ants, because they are very unlike anything seen in the universe. If anything they are most related to Reptiles, but don't confuse that with meaning they are nearly the same. They really are the prefect organism. When they come into being the leach all the Strengths of its host, including sex, and mental experiences. It is also stated in Aliens Earth War or Aliens Omnibus volume 1 that the Aliens CHOOSE how much it will change or evolve, depending on what it is fighting or if there is a queen to dictate what is needed in the area. So that answers your question or statement ( If 6 became a Queen doesn't that prove she is a female) or something to that effect. That statement from Aliens Earth War shows that HOW AND WHY a Male Warrior can become a Queen. Aliens Omnibus vol 1 page 137 first word box.
          • Further more you should listen to AvP-R it is a great movie... and yes the comics are all canon only over written by newer versions of themselves. And just so you know the toy aliens them selves (not the humans) are considered canon because of the statement made by Riddle Scott in the 9th special edition disc for the Aliens Quadrilogy dvd set. WAVEWAVE (talk) (Contribs) 04:32, February 6, 2011 (UTC)
          • @whoever said they played the 2010 game, got 100% completion on it, and didn't see that statement, look here: at 0:26 and read what the elite says at the beginning of the battle, that quote was what I was referring to.
  • Problem is the Predators knowledge about the Aliens is very crude compared to humans, the Pilots, possible everyone else. They think that the Aliens came to life all at once on every planet in the universe to fight and kill every thing else but the strong (Aliens vs Predator War). They do not under stand just how diverse and adaptive the aliens are. In fact they also believe that what ever creature that the alien comes from has become soulless because the alien stole it, that is there reasoning of how an alien gets its attributes from other creatures (AvP1 the computer game).
  • They aren't the only ones though, Groves refers to 6 as a female, and there's a reason for that. Male Xenomorphs would serve no purpose, it's the queen's job the reproduce, and she doesn't need a male to do so either. The reason why I compared xenomorphs to bees is because they're both hive creatures - with one fertile queen. The xenomorphs have no need for males, as the Queen reproduces on her own. Therefore, I would say that they're genderless, but seeing as they've all been referred to as females, then it's obvious that they are.
    • Groves refers to 6 ONLY as a female. Groves never learned as much as Dr. Church nor Dr. Kleist about the Aliens, and they DO REFER TO SOME AS BEING HE! The Pred Alien in the new AvP game is also refred to as HE in the players guide. A White King and other Kings are Hes. The reason that Males or the equivalent would be from other species(Because technically other aliens (Not Xenomorphs) may not have a sex or have three sexes and what not)

would be need is for the above reason, when that Human women got pregnant the non normal way, they were tring to make more Xenomorphs, they would have resembled the New Born from Resurrection. They are made to procreate in anyway possible even if it means they have to make hybrids that will later be used to make pure bloods. That is also why they dont need a Queen to make eggs. They have another type of Xenomorph that makes more Xenomorphs with infectious clouds, they have another that constantly spawns more of itself (Killer Crab Aliens).

  • I wouldn't refer to them as bees it causes lots of problems, they are not single minded insects. Komodo Dragons can reproduce a sexually for 1-3 generations. As as we know it Kings are prob not essential in the beginning but if its purpose was to mate with a Queen it prob would unlock special genetic coding that would allow her to make much more dangerous Xenomorphs (More Dangerous than Palatines.) Or it might only mate with females (or equivalent) From other species using there own eggs to make special hybrid Xenomorph Warriors. The Kings have been show to be the most deadly heck the male hormones may just make them so unstable they cant mate they just kill all.
    • Ether way you cant label them all as Female, that would contradict Dr. Church s statements about them, Dr. Kleist statements about them (THE GREATEST RESEARCHER OF THE XENOMORPH SPECIES) Ashes Statement that the first Alien was Kanes son. The Fact that the Gen Warriors were referred to as Clone 8s Brothers and Sisters. The fact that the Abomination is called a HE. The New Born had both Male and Female sex organs ALL OF THEM.
    • You've made some good points, though I still believe that all Xenos are females. Also, where is the Abomination referred to as "he?" And the Newborn isn't even really a Xenomorph, it's a human/xenomorph hybrid, that thing killed its own queen. If anything, they should be labelled as "it" then, but seeing as the Predator referred to them as female, 6 was referred to as female, and all Xenomorphs have the ability to morph into queens (if chosen to do so,) then I'll continue to believe all Xenos are females, as they don't even need males at all to survive.
    • Also, you keep using the comic books as references. How much of those can really be considered canon, really, somebody please tell me (as if Wave's sarcastic comment wasn't enough.) The Rogue alien is, in any case, a genetic experiment. It is not a natural "male" Xenomorph. And the woman being impregnated by a Xenomorph warriror having sex with her? Yeah, I don't buy that as canon at all.
  • The Abomination is referred to as a he in the Players guide while the Queen was called a she and the others were called its but never he or she, I can make pictures to prove that. The New Born was supposed to impregnate women to but that is in a unused seen... The Newborn is a type of Xenomorph... Quote"all Xenomorphs have the ability to morph into queens (if chosen to do so,)" That is my point when it comes to people in universe unless they really really study the Alien they wont realize that they can change dramatically not just sex wise ether. Check out the Warriors page that is only a hint of how much a human type Xenomorph can change. There may really be no limit to how much they can change. Over all the scientist in universe in the AvP universe I would listen to Dr. Kleist over any over except the ancients or the pilots when it comes to Xenomorph biology. Another reason Male Xenomorphs (Or equivalent depending on the other non xenomorph species out there) would be useful is because it is shown that in Aliens Rouge that the Xenomorph gains all the positive attributes of the host and genetic memory... think about that... A Xenomorph that comes from a human male will be faster and stronger than human female xenomorphs. Now that I think about it that may be one of the reasons the warriors in AvP-R were not as violent at other Warriors especially in Aliens or the comics (One of the Aliens got so mad at an escaping human that ripped another humans head of and then threw it at the guy! Aliens Labyrinth)
    • Quote (Also, you keep using the comic books as references. How much of those can really be considered canon, really, somebody please tell me)
  • All of them are canon, the writes of the last movies have also stayed true to the canon by using the comics as the prime inspiration of there works.
    • Quote(as if Wave's sarcastic comment wasn't enough.)
  • I wasn't being sarcastic... Aliens are alot more Alien than you realize.
    • Quote(The Rogue alien is, in any case, a genetic experiment. It is not a natural "male" Xenomorph).
  • Yes but the other Kings excluding the White King are naturalish, did you know that the Alien species is not natural? It is a Weapon made by ether the Ancients or the Pilots. And before you say you have never seen them in a movie or comic so they are not canon, I should point out they until proven not to exist, are prob just as rare as the Empress, War Empress, and Queen Mother.
    • Quote(And the woman being impregnated by a Xenomorph warrior having sex with her? Yeah, I don't buy that as canon at all.)
  • Well I don't like it that a Super Predator killed a classic Predator but I will still agree that it is canon because it is from a licensed 20 Century Fox merchandise just like Alien Labyrinth.
  • Turns out you're right - not ALL xenomorphs are female. Though I do believe a vast majority of them are. I still fail to understand the purpose of male xenomorphs, as they're really not needed. In any case, I believe that the drones are male and the warriors are female.
  • okay to put an end to this let's just asume that xeno's ( the coolist bad ass alien killing machine in film history, sometimes even cooler then Yautja.) can change gender at will. Hum? also maybe there base gender is based on the gender of their host hum? Im pretty sure grid came from that short haired blond. Now even though Six ( the Tex of the hive. if you watch RVB you know what i mean.) came from a male im pretty sure she changes Gender by level 2 due to visuel changes that a lot of players notice. P.S Xenos could also be seen as the perfect utopien society as there is no richness, no poverty, no starvation, no corruption, no disese and all members work to the advancement of the hive as a whole. 00:35, April 5, 2013 (UTC)

On Grid's intelligence... umm...

Grid isn't the only xenomorph that shows intelligence, as shown in Alien Resurrection and a few times in Aliens, also in the AVP video games. Is it really necessary to mention that her actions shows some form of intelligence in the rest of the species?

I think Grid was possibly trying to become a Praetorian. He managed to dominate 2 predators, which were young bloods but were an easy kill for Grid it seemed. He also managed to dodge Scar's plazma caster as he fired it. So he was certainly better than the other Xenomorph's.

In the end he is blown up, so its quite a dissapointing view of him as he was such a great Xenomorph. Maybe if he lived he'd become a Praetorian, or possibly a Queen, depending on the gender of it. I referr to it as he because it seems right for Grid to be male, but you decide that. Nobody knows for sure the gender of Xenomorphs, but we have established the Queen is female.Life Owner (talk) (Contribs) 07:11, June 13, 2013 (UTC)


Regarding the recent debate over Grid's gender — while information on Xenomorph gender is thin on the ground, at least one article on Xenomorph biology in Aliens magazine confirms that Xenomorphs are supposed to be asexual. This is cited and referenced on the Xenomorph page, and applies equally here. Please do not keep changing Grid's gender to female because it is incorrect and contradicts this source.--Buck-ark LEIGH BURNE(Talk) 07:41, September 24, 2015 (UTC)


This Wiki's definition of the Xenomorph adult stages would make Grid a Drone. However, I'm not altogether convinced the terms Drone and Warrior aren't interchangeable in franchise media and therefore think there's an argument for merging the Drone and Warrior pages under whichever of the two terms is more commonplace (I suspect Warrior). As this would constitute a major change on the Wiki affecting a lot of pages it should really be discussed thoroughly before any alterations are made. I suggest that I make make a post on the Drone and Warrior talk pages to this effect and we can go from there.--Buck-ark LEIGH BURNE(Talk) 09:10, March 24, 2016 (UTC)

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