Randy Stradley on the novelizations of the original Dark Horse comic

"Corporal Hicks – Steve and Stephani Perry, did a novelization of the original comic and then the later War. Did you have any involvement with them?"
"Randy Stradley – No. I know Steve, but I think the editor of the novel had a vested interest in keeping us apart during that time. Mainly, she wanted her part of the job to go as smoothly as possible. I remember that she kept promising to let me read the manuscript, but every time there was some lame excuse about why she couldn’t let me read it."
"Corporal Hicks – Have you read the novelizations and what did you think of them?"
"Randy Stradley – I skimmed the first one. There were two things I would have insisted on changing, if I’d been allowed to read the manuscript. One, I would never have allowed the readers “inside” the Predator’s mind. I think that demystifies the characters too much. The second — a sequence that occurs during one of the passages where we’re privy to the Predator’s thoughts — is where the Predator realizes that Machicko is a female because she has breasts . . . just like female Predators. Except Dark Horse’s own writers’ guidelines for how to present the Predators states something along the lines of, “Determining the gender of a Predator is nearly impossible for a human to do. They’re like tigers — by the time you get close enough to determine whether a particular Predator is a male or female, you’re dead.”If the editor had provided Steve and Stephani with our in-house guides, or if she had taken the time to read them herself, probably both those bits would have been changed." (from AVP Galaxy interview)---CadmiumX99 (talk) (Contribs) 21:08, June 24, 2011 (UTC)
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