What's with all the "Warnings"?

What's with all the "Warning" templates? They don't even specify why that user was warned and are very distracting.- Bman14 (Talk) (Contribs) (Edits) 05:36, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

I own a paperback copy of Alien, first printing, august 1979 which says "Special Edition" on the cover and "Young Adult Edition" on the title page. Does anyone know what the differences are between this and the normal novelization? Should a section be added to this article about this version of the novel? 06:18, January 3, 2014 (UTC) kjarvis86

I've seen a few of those before. It probably has the same text as all of the other million variations. 06:50, January 3, 2014 (UTC)
News to me. I wonder if the young adult version is perhaps edited to remove some of the more grisly violence? I confess, I can't actually remember how gory the original book is, it's been a while since I read it.--Leigh Burne (Talk) (Contribs) 17:01, January 3, 2014 (UTC)

Organizing the differences

There are 28 (twenty-eight) different bullet points presently. This makes for a very long section. Can anyone think of how we might organize these into a smaller sections by TYPE of difference?

For example stuff that directly contradicts the movie (number of limbs the burster has) vs stuff that could've happened in the movie but just not been depicted (like added dialogue during possibly-in-between scenes)?--Preceding unsigned comment added by Tycio (talk) - Please sign your messages with ~~~~

I know you signed your next post down, but please sign every comment on talk pages, just so it's still clear who said what once people start adding in replies.
I see what you're saying, but I feel like dividing things up by what might and what might not contradict the film could wind up being quite subjective and will potentially get quite messy. Same goes for any other quantifiers we might think up. A simple chronological list makes more sense to me, even if it is a bit long-winded.--Buck-ark LEIGH BURNE(Talk) 19:33, June 11, 2019 (UTC)

Kane vs Chestburster encounter

This seems to be slightly different, more multi-faceted and dragged out in the novel. I think we should perhaps list this under differences. For example:

  • in the novel, Kane able to observe the hugger inside the egg pod, compares it to a skeletal hand, sees a tale, something eye-like, but in the movie you really can't make any of these details out when it shows inside
  • novel mentions him lifting an arm to try and ward off the leaping hugger, I can't make out him raising his arm in the movie though
  • Kane glimpses the "weaving tube in the center of the palm" before he hears the acid sizzling, but in the movie the acid is basically heard immediately so I don't think there would be enough time to process what it looked like

In the movie, Kane basically falls backward immediately after the thing screams and leaps on the faceplate and the sizzling is heard, but in the novel he:

  • tried to tear the creature away
  • continued to pull weakly at the hand
  • staggered about the chamber, trying to wrench the abomination from him


  • the longer, sensitive fingers had slipperd through
  • the thick tail slid inside to wrap itself .. around his neck
  • tube feeling like a fat worm sliding down his throat

All that occurs before it finally says: "stumbled over his own feet, tripped and fell over backward"

In the movie because the falling is immediate, I think it gives the impression that it's only after he's falling on the ground that it finally wraps around him. talk2ty 18:54, June 7, 2019 (UTC)

It's been a long time since I read the novel, but that all sounds quite fair. I'll dig my copy out and take a look first-hand.--Buck-ark LEIGH BURNE(Talk) 19:33, June 11, 2019 (UTC)
Sorry it's taken me a while, but I checked the novel's version of the Facehugger attack and added a note about the differences to the page.--Buck-ark LEIGH BURNE(Talk) 12:35, July 15, 2019 (UTC)
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