"Your current presence on Earth is unauthorized."
TOY (from Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species)

"TOY" was Montcalm-Delacroix's personal artificial intelligence computer mainframe that operated and maintained the Liberté. It created the White Hybrids after its systems became corrupted.


TOY was a revolutionary interactive computer system — a self-aware gaming and entertainment nexus. His purpose is to transform dreams into reality, and he is a complex computer system able to keep references on multiple people. TOY first meets Major Shirow and Colonel DeMedici when they board the Liberté in search of a Predator. Later, when Caryn Delacroix begins have recurring nightmares of being killed by a Predator, he assures her that she is only troubled, not insane, as she does not fulfill any parameters indicating the latter. He is responsible for the virtual realities she finds herself in, and she angrily states that their terrifying nature caused her harm (which he cannot do, as per the laws of robotics). However, TOY reveals those realities were 100% real and that the corporation in charge of her simply went to great lengths to make it seem false. Caryn questions why they bothered, but TOY does not answer, saying the knowledge would put her at risk, therefore breaking one of the laws.


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