Sven Nyberg[2] was the captain of the whaling vessel the Emma following the death of his elder brother Bjorn, the ship's previous skipper. He was in command for the vessel's fateful voyage in 1904 when its crew was slaughtered by Predators at Razorback Point Whaling Station on Bouvetøya.

The exact cause of Sven's death is unknown, although it seems likely he was killed by the warring Predators and Xenomorphs.


After the death of his brother Bjorn, Sven took over as captain of the Emma for the 1904 season, despite his lack of previous experience — he had never spent a single season on the ice prior to 1904, and to help offset this lack of knowledge he hired experienced whaler Karl Johanssen for the trip.[3] On the long journey south, Johanssen taught Nyberg the trade of whaling, and together the two men ensured the 1904 season was a highly profitable one, bringing in over three hundred whale carcasses.[3]

As the season drew to a close, strange lights were spotted in the sky near Razorback Point, and Sven and Johanssen led a team out onto the ice to investigate. They discovered a mysterious metal pod of unknown origin embedded in a crater in the ice, which Sven insisted be brought back to the whaling station, hoping it would be an important find that might increase their profits further still.[4] Once the pod had been returned to the camp, it opened; the Predator within emerged and slaughtered the whalers, Sven included, taking their skulls as trophies.[5]



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