Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator, originally titled Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator, is a two-issue prestige-format limited crossover comic book series that was first published by DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics from January-February 2007. It was written by Mark Schultz, illustrated and colored by Ariel Olivetti, lettered by Todd Klein, and edited by Joey Cavalieri and Michael Wright, with cover art by Olivetti.

Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator served as a sequel story to all of the previously released Batman and Superman crossovers, including Batman versus Predator, Superman vs. Aliens, Batman/Aliens, Superman vs. Predator and JLA versus Predator.

In the overall Dark Horse crossover comics line, Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator was preceded by Judge Dredd versus Aliens: Incubus, and was followed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In Space No One Can Hear You Slay!.

Publisher's Summary[]

#1: It's the battle you've been waiting for in a thrilling 2-issue miniseries by Mark Schultz (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs) with computer-generated painted art by Ariel Olivetti (SPACE GHOST)! They're back! The relentless killing machines known as Aliens and the unstoppable race of hunters called Predators have returned to Earth. But saying "they're back" isn't quite accurate — Batman discovers that the two races, sealed away from the human population, have been here all along! Can he and Superman get them off our world before they threaten the planet's existence?

#2: The action-packed conclusion of the 2-issue mélee! An entire colony of Earth's deadliest enemies has hidden themselves away for centuries... but now they're poised to overtake the planet — unless Earth's most resourceful heroes can stop them!

Reprint History[]

Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator was collected in trade paperback form released in May 2007, reusing Ariel Olivetti's cover for issue 1 as the cover artwork.

The series received its current title, Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator, when it was collected, alongside the other crossover stories that pit Batman against the Xenomorphs, in the DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics: Aliens trade paperback, released in April 2016. The release used a modified version of Staz Johnson's cover to Batman vs. Aliens II #2.

Behind the Scenes[]

Veteran comics writer/artist Mark Schultz's creator-owned and critically acclaimed Cadillacs and Dinosaurs comic series from the 1980s was turned into a moderately successful Saturday morning animated TV series after being acquired by Marvel Comics Entertainment from 1993-1994 on the CBS network.

Series writer for Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator, Schultz was no stranger the Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator lines, having previously written the series Predator: Hell & Hot Water and Aliens: Apocalypse, among other stories.


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