The Super Predator Clan were a group of Super Predators who were in conflict with the more traditional Jungle Hunter Clan. The Super Predator Clan were possibly exiled Bad Bloods. They operated a Game Preserve Planet and were known for abducting lifeforms from other worlds and transporting them to the planet so that they could hunt them.


Conflict with rival clan

The Super Predator Clan was engaged in an apparently long-running conflict with the Jungle Hunter Clan for an unknown reason; Noland described the rivalry as some kind of blood feud.

Hunting Methods

Unlike their Jungle Hunter cousins, Super Predators care not for honor or fairness, they seek only the thrill of the kill and to improve themselves by testing themselves against the most dangerous individuals of the respective species that the Predators kidnap them from. Super Predators use traps and Hell-Hounds, and by kidnapping their prey, they give themselves a home-field advantage.

Known members


The Berserker Predator was a brutal hunter who cared not for honor or any rules, he would kidnap prey and use them to test himself so that he can improve himself and become a better killer. Berserker Predator became a leader of his own hunting clan consisting of only himself and two other Predators: Tracker and Falconer.



The Falconer.

Highly skilled in engineering, Falconer Predator wasn't interested in following the old Yautja traditions of the hunt. To him, the hunt must evolve, along with its tools. In his eyes, the best way to do so was to observe and acquire the techniques and technology of those he hunts. As a newly successful Young Blood class Predator, Falconer Predator became intrigued by his prey that used flying creatures as a hunting tool. Not satisfied to domesticate and train such creatures on his home planet, Falconer Predator built and programmed his own deadly bird using the technology of the Yautja augmented by the technology of Xenomorphs and other cultures he had encountered in his hunts. [citation needed]


The Tracker Predator always enjoyed the company of Hell-Hounds more than that of other Predators. He bred and trained the hounds because he believed they were not used to their full ability by other Yautja. On his first official hunt of a Xenomorph, the hounds allowed him to track and kill a Xenomorph in record time, but there wasn't much of a trophy to collect as the dogs didn't leave a shred of the prey intact. [citation needed]

Behind the Scenes

  • In the beginning of the script, they are seen crucifying a normal Predator for unknown reasons. They then use their dogs to attack the group of Royce and the others. All three have a different personality and a different function.
  • Robert Rodrigeuz stated that they are outcast Yautja and it is possible that they have been sent to the game reserve as their punishment. So, they may be hated by other Yautja society .They may be planning a clan war on another clan. The members of the other clan are based on the design of the original Jungle Hunter.
  • Ronald Noland mentioned that when the Predators return from a hunt, they would come back different. This is because every time a Yautja would go on a hunt, they would try to experiment on themselves to make them stronger and more efficient hunters.
  • It is shown that the black Super Predators have a hatred for the Jungle Hunter Clan and strung up a member of that faction to a totem pole at their camp. Noland explains that the Super Predators hunt the other (smaller) clan. He says that they are similar yet different, like "the difference between dogs and wolves". The Crucified Predator is later released by Royce and battles with the Berserker Predator, but ends up decapitated.


  • The Falconer Super Predator, using a Predator equivalent of a falcon, is cybernetically linked to the Super Predator, allowing him to track the prey he and his other clan brothers are searching for.
  • In the preview, the director said that two tribes (The Mainstream Predators and Super Predators) are having a Clan War for a particular reason.
  • The Tracker Super Predator, the one that controls all of the Predator hounds, drives out his prey. A lot like a fox hunter would.
  • In the sneak peek, more than three lasersights were seen which at the time implied there are more Super Predators than just the three in the movie, it was revealed to be nothing more than promotional shot.
  • Unlike other Predators, it was said in the script that they bleed black blood (It has been confirmed in the film that they bleed green blood).
  • Unlike other Predators, who hunt for honor and for trophies, in the script the Super Predator's hunt for DNA to become more powerful hunters. This was later dropped from the film, but they still hunt dangerous to improve themselves. They also hunt for sport.
    • The idea of Predators hunting for DNA to improve themselves would later be reused as a plot point for The Predator.
  • In the script, Berserker or "Mr. Black" has spikes all over his armor and even on his dreadlocks (these were removed as well).
  • They are said to be bigger than normal Yautja, as shown in one of the images that Berserker has an advantage on a "Jungle Hunter Predator", when Berserker holds it by the throat and throws it into a large rock.
  • Robert said they are from a different clan.
  • Also it seems that Berserker himself might be the "Super Predators" hunting party leader seeing as he operates as the sort of alpha male of his hunting party.
  • Noland said that Super Predator hunting parties always come in threes. This Idea was most likely adapted from the Alien vs. Predator film, where Scar, Celtic, and Chopper were a hunting party consisting of three members.
  • The Super Predators could possibly take some kind of drug or some sort of other enhancement which could explain their larger figures over the already masculine mainstream Yautjas. As what exactly makes these Predators "super" hasn't yet been revealed but it could simply be due to them being a sub-species to the Mainstream Predators.
  • It is safe to assume that the Super Predators do not follow the hunt ethics of the mainstream Predators, as they do not demand fair fights: removing their armor and equipment before engaging in hand-to-hand combat with their adversary. Instead they attack their enemies as brutally as possible, killing them in a very merciless manner. However, the Falconer Super Predator went into a seemingly fair blade fight with Hanzo, but this could be Falconer simply toying with Hanzo or underestimating him.
  • In the camp Royce finds a discarded axe, which may mean the axe is not used very much on a hunt. Instead it could be used for either torturing victims or gathering wood.
  • NECA gives Berserker a wild biography, claiming he is a legendary and ultimate hunter and youngest to hunt Xenomorphs, however, NECA is not a canon or reliable source similar to how Kenner toys are not to be taken seriously. The biography it gives is:
    • The Berserker Predator was the ultimate hunter. Born with superior physical abilities and intelligence, he was the youngest Yautja to ever kill a Xenomorph and reach Young Blood status. Considered a prodigy among his clan, he quickly rose to almost legendary Warrior status; achieving more kills than any Predator of his generation. As a Predator of the Honored class, Berserker Predator became a leader of his own hunting clan consisting of only himself and two Young Blood Predators: Tracker and Falconer'''. [1]



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