"There's two different types of 'em out there. Now, they're similar but they're different. It's kinda like the difference between dogs and wolves."
Noland, regarding the Super Predators (from Predators)

Super Predators, also known as Berserker Yautja[1] are a subspecies of the Yautja race. They are typically larger, stronger, and more aggressive than their smaller cousins.

Biology and Physical Abilities

"How do we kill them?"
"However you can."
"They must have weaknesses?"
"Not many.
Royce and Noland, discussing the Super Predators (from Predators)

They are larger than mainstream Predators (in terms of muscularity) but still stand at around 7 feet tall (or more) like the "normal" Predators. They have a more reptilian appearance than their better-known cousins and have scaly skin in addition to different color pigmentation. Another feature is their dreadlocks, which are far more swept back than those found on "normal" Yautja. They also possess a longer face, giving them a small "snout" and more reptilian looking in effect. A Super Predator's trill is also much deeper and far more beast-like/feral than the trill of commonly seen Predators.

Hunting Culture, Clothing, Armor and Technology

Berserker, Falconer, and Tracker appear to be in a blood feud with the smaller Jungle Hunter Yautja. However, they use the same technology as the Jungle Hunters, only some of it appears to be more advanced.

They do differ in various ways in terms of culture; the first difference is they only have a single Wristblade on their wrist gauntlets, they also use a Gatling gun type of Plasmacaster. They also have tighter armor, being less metal and more leather in appearance. The Falconer Super Predator was also shown using a Predator Falcon to track his prey. So far the Super Predators are the only Yautja known to use Predator Falcons, but it is likely they are not the only users of this device. Like most Yautja, the Super Predators use bio-helmets boasting unique appearances, however, these bio-helmets have a new vision mode allowing the Super Predators to detect the pulse of prey. This unique vision mode has not been seen being used by any Yautja other than the Super Predators. The Super Predators are also seen using Vocal Mimicry, a Remote Detonator, and Cloaks.

When hunting, they use traps, preferring to induce fear and panic into their prey in an attempt to make them run. Another feature is that they (unlike their cousins) have no qualms about killing an unarmed or injured/crippled enemy. Super Predators have also been seen to use Hell-Hounds for "flushing out" their prey.

They appear to value Trophies and large numbers of kills rather than honor in the Hunt or in the individual kill. It is said that they are constantly trying to improve themselves to become better killers, and that is why they use the most dangerous of prey in order to improve their technology and tactics.

The Super Predators share a similar characteristic with the Killer Yautjas as they also captured and controlled Xenomorphs for their own use.


Conflict with Rival Clan

The Super Predator Clan is in some sort of war with the Jungle Hunter Clan for an unknown reason. Noland described it as a blood feud that had apparently been going on for some time.

List of Known Super Predators


  • The Term "Super Predator" was first used in Predator: Concrete Jungle to refer to Scarface. Likely, however, it was referring to his skill and not his subspecies.
  • The Berserker is referred to as "Mr. Black", in the script.
  • Robert Rodrigeuz stated that they are outcast Yautja and it is possible that they have been sent to the Game Preserve Planet as their punishment. So, they may be hated by other Yautja society. This may mean the Super Predators are Yautja Bad Bloods.[citation needed]
  • In the sneak peek, it is seen there are much more than three laser sights which imply there are more Super Predators than just three. However, it has been confirmed that the multiple laser sights was done as a promotional shot in the trailer.
  • Unlike other Predators, it was said in the script that they bleed black blood. However, in the final film, their blood is green.
  • Unlike other Predators, who hunt for honor and for trophies, in the script the Super Predators hunt for DNA to become more powerful hunters.[citation needed] This coincidentally bares great similarities to certain plot points in the 2018 film The Predator. The concept was later dropped from the film, but the Super Predators still hunt them to improve themselves.
  • In the script, Mr. Black (the Berserker) has spikes all over his armor and even on his dreadlocks. As with many ideas in the script, this was removed from the final film.
  • The Super Predators are larger than normal Yautja, as can be seen when Berserker fights the Crucified Predator. However, in reality, actors Brian Steele and Carey Jones, who portray the Super Predators, are actually shorter than previous Predator actors — Steele and Jones stand around 6'7", while Ian Whyte is 7'1" and Kevin Peter Hall was 7'2".
  • Noland said that Super Predator hunting parties always come in threes. This idea was possibly adapted from Alien vs. Predator, where Scar, Celtic, and Chopper were a hunting party, consisting of three members.
  • The Super Predators could possibly take some kind of drug or some sort of other enhancement which could explain their larger figures over the already masculine mainstream Yautjas. As what exactly makes these Predators 'super' hasn't yet been revealed but it could simply be due to them being a subspecies of the 'normal' Predators.
  • It is safe to assume that the Super Predators do not follow the Yautja Honor Code, as they do not demand fair fights: removing their armor and equipment before engaging in hand-to-hand combat with their adversary. Instead they attack their enemies as brutally as possible, killing them in a very merciless manner.

The Predator in Predator: Captive

  • It should be noted that the Super Predator design is incredibly similar to the Predator from the one-shot comic Predator: Captive. The similarity is most likely coincidental as the comic predates the film, and the artist's style is highly stylized and meant to represent a normal Predator.