Strikeforce is a branch of the military that assigns elite groups of soldiers and investigators to locate and eliminate alien threats.



Samara Station[]

Strike Force Rangers

  • Colonel Maria DeMedici
  • Major Tomas Shirow

Salazar VII[]

Mission: Reclaim Salazar VII, the once- thriving colony world, now overrun with tenants of a less desirable stripe. It's not a complicated proposition: three hives, sporadic infestations planetwide.

It used to be there was nothing humans feared more than the alien beasts, but when the Strikeforce team introduced and dispensed a little concoction called "The Juice," it was the other way around. The Juice, essentially bug spray, is completely toxic to the creatures and somehow turns their metabolisms against them, so they're eaten alive by their own systems. The fumes alone will do the job. Direct contact is unnecessary, but it does drive the creatures insane before they expire. The Salazarian atmosphere was changing and the oxygen content was soaring. The Juice reacted to this change and became highly volatile, taking most of the Strikeforce team with it. Anyone who might have survived was easy pickings for the creatures.


Strikeforce One

  • Bishop Hawke
  • Sierra Cruz
  • Robbie Mulligan
  • Eden Alexander
  • Sakada
  • (Xerxes)