Stone Heart was a Bad Blood Yautja formerly from the Dark Blade Clan. He appears in the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle.

Biography & Characteristics[]

Stone Heart was a Pack Leader and Enforcer of the Dark Blade Clan, that was widely feared for his size and brutal nature, he shunned ranged weaponry, preferring to take on his prey hand to hand, forgoing traditional wristblades in favor of hand-mounted daggers; his name being earned from his practice of gruesomely dismantling his enemies, which included a member of a rival clan who challenged his honor and accused him of reviled genetic augmentation to gain his towering size.

He was eventually captured during a hunt, and brainwashed by Borgia Industries and turned into a fearsome cyborg. Sometime before 2030, he and his clan brothers Long Spear and Swift Knife went to Neonopolis to hunt honorable prey. Instead, they were attacked by Hunter Borgia and The Monster Squad. The three hunters were cornered and incapacitated by the humans. They were taken to the Borgia laboratories and were tortured and augmented with cybernetic parts and lost their higher brain functions. Stone Heart was the leader of the three enslaved brothers and put into stasis in the labs.

In 2030, the Predator Scarface was captured and taken to the labs where the Yautja captives were experimented on. Before the Borgia scientists could even begin to experiment on the Yautja, Scarface escaped and broke several other Predators out before breaking out himself. Lucretia Borgia, the daughter of Hunter Borgia, released Stone Heart and his brothers. As Scarface tried to disable four weather machines preventing him from using his cloak, killing Swift Knife in the process, and attacked the remaining two brothers. Long Spear was killed quickly, but Stone Heart retreated as Scarface was about to deliver the killing blow.


A defeated Stone Heart.

Later, as Scarface was making his way up to MOTHER's chambers, Stone Heart blocked Scarface's progress. The two warriors dueled in a hologram of the New Way City church. Eventually Scarface gained the upper hand, and tore the skull from Stone Heart's shoulders. Scarface left the decapitated corpse of Stone Heart, having given the fallen warrior an honorable death.


Due to his capture, he was extremely lightly equipped by Yautja standards; However, the bionic implants more than made up for this shortcoming, increasing his already impressive strength, and giving him the ability to scan the environment in various optical modes, without the need of a Bio-mask.




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