Officer Stevens was one of the first Los Angeles Police Department officers to arrive at Ramon Vega's apartment following the massacre there in 1997.


Stevens was among the first to arrive at Vega's apartment after the Jamaican Voodoo Posse gang members who had killed the drug kingpin were themselves slaughtered by the City Hunter. When Mike Harrigan arrived with his colleagues, Stevens passed on his orders that no one should enter the building; however, Harrigan and his partners ignored the message and went inside anyway, a move that later ran them afoul of Peter Keyes.


  • In the novelization of Predator 2, Stevens' name is given as Shoenberg.[2] However, in the Blu-ray version of the film, it is possible to read the name tag on the officer's chest, which clearly reads "STEVENS". This discrepancy could be down to the fact the copy of the film (if any) given to author Simon Hawke was not of a high enough quality to read the tag.



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