Steven T. Seagle (born March 31, 1965) is an American comic book, TV and animation writer who co-wrote the comic Predator: Bump in the Night for Dark Horse Comics. He is also one of the creators of the popular children's series Ben 10 for Cartoon Network.


An active comics writer with credits for numerous major comics companies DC, Marvel and Image Comics, Seagle has for example written for Superman and Uncanny X-Men, among others.

While active throughout the industry, much of Seagle's contributions to mainstream comics over the past decade have come for DC's adult-oriented Veritgo line. For Vertigo, he has produced stories for Sandman Mystery Theater, American Virgin, House of Secrets: Foundation, a supernatural court drama comic, It's a Bird..., a semi-autographical graphic novel that deconstructs the classic Superman myth with artist Teddy Kristiansen, and the supernatural crime series The Crusades, recently reprinted by Image, on which Seagle teamed with fellow Alien/Predator/Aliens vs. Predator contributor Kelley Jones.

Seagle formed Man of Action Studios with Predator: Bump in the Night artist Duncan Rouleau, and writers Joe Casey and Joe Kelly, which created the animated Cartoon Network series Ben 10 responsible for both Cartoon Network's highest-rated single program and highest rated series premiere. Seagle and Rouleau also created the Marvel Comics super-hero team Big Hero 6.

Seagle is also a founding member of Speak Theater Arts, creators of innovative live stage productions and is a former college instructor having taught at Ball State University, Pasadena City College and Mt. San Antonio College where he also served as a coach for the Forensics team during many of their national championship seasons.

Seagles original comic book series House of Secrets was sold as a feature to Marc Canton/Warner Brothers, and he wrote the screenplay (unproduced). The same week Seagle also sold the genre action pilot Carnival (not Carnivale) to FOX in association with Spelling Entertainment (unproduced). In that same week he sold the girls action/comedy Dot’s Bots to Mainframe Animation completing an “unproduced” trifecta that week.

Most recently Seagle co-wrote, co-directed and produced two live stage comedies. N*GGER WETB*CK CH*NK (www.NWClive.com), which played in thetaers coast-to-coast for over three years to positive reviews including full-page features in both The LA Times and the New York Times. Seagle's ArmeniaMania! (www.armeniamania.com) also staged two preview performances as part of the Los Angeles Grand Performances series and will open in LA early next year.

Man of Action Studios recently launched its own comic book imprint published through Image Comics. Seagle is contributing original comic book and graphic novel properties to the line starting in 2009 with the limited series Soul Kiss.


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Seagle's official website with Man of Action Studios: http://www.manofaction.tv/