Steven Grant (born October 22, 1953) is an American comic book writer who scripted the comic adaptation of Alien3 and wrote the crossover comics X: Comeback and X: Hell Night for Dark Horse Comics.

In the comics field, Grant is most known for his work on Marvel Comics' The Punisher in the 1980s, specifically his 1985-1986 Marvel Comics mini-series Punisher, with artist Mike Zeck. He is also known for his creator-owned indie comics character Whisper.


Born in 1953, Grant has a long history scripting for both major comic book publishers, Marvel and DC Comics, as well as other companies such as First Comics and Dark Horse.

Beginning in the early 1980s Grant wrote a number of works for Marvel that gained him name recognition within the industry. In addition to bringing the Punisher back into the forefront of the Marvel Universe after a several-year lull, Grant has written Avengers, The Hulk, The Defenders and fill-in runs on comics such as What If?, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Marvel Team-Up.

In the early 1980s his creator-owned character, the female ninja Whisper, debuted at Capital Comics though the company's publishing arm folded after only two issues (and a promotional poster) of the book were published. Several months after First Comics picked up two other Capital publications (Nexus and the Badger), they published a one-shot entitled Whisper Special which led to Whisper being featured in the anthology book First Adventures and eventually to her own ongoing series. During this time, Grant also wrote American Flagg! (he was personally selected by Howard Chaykin to take over scripting the book after Chaykin's departure), a fill-in run on Shatter, a short-lived book of his own creation called Psychoblast and a few issues of Classics Illustrated at First.

At Dark Horse, Grant wrote several limited and ongoing series in the short-lived Dark Horse shared superhero continuity, known as Comics' Greatest World, including the entire two-year run of the series X.

Over the last several years, Grant has written numerous works for IDW Publishing including original comics featuring the characters from the television show CSI. He also wrote a one-shot about featuring an updated version of his character Whisper for Boom! Studios. He has also worked on various series for Avatar Press including their current Robocop licensed comics.

In addition to comic book work, Grant has written a number of novels for young adults under the pen-name Frank W. Dixon, including entries in the Hardy Boys series.

As of 2009, he writes the column "Permanent Damage" as a staff writer for the online magazine Comic Book Resources.

Grants lives in Henderson, Nevada.




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