Steinberg was a part of the Geryon crew sent to recover the wreck of the USCSS Prometheus on LV-223 in January 2219. However, when the crew discovered the wreck of the Onager, they were attacked by Xenomorphs trapped inside the ship. As they fled across a series of connected natural arches over a lake, Steinberg and three others fell in, where they were attacked by "Sharks". Although he was wounded, Steinberg managed to survive the attack.

Steinberg and the rest of the wounded were picked up by the Kadmos and treated inside the ship's sickbay, although Foster didn't believe Steinberg would survive. He was later killed when Xenomorphs, let onto the Kadmos by Elden, attacked the sickbay.


Steinberg was part of Captain Angela Foster's "routine" salvage mission to recover the wreck of a deep space research vessel on LV-223. However, Foster did not tell the crew that the vessel was the USCSS Prometheus, which was headed by Peter Weyland and went missing following its journey to the planet in search of Engineers in 2093, or that she wanted to fulfill Weyland's mission.

On January 14, 2219, Steinberg and the crew separated from the Geryon and arrived on the surface of LV-223. However, they discovered that the surface was not a desert as they expected, but rather a lush jungle. As the crew tracked through the jungle, Steinberg kneeled down to investigate a pool of Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, telling the others to look at the "crap". Higgins asked if he had stuck oil, commenting that they are going to be rich, but Steinberg replied that he didn't think it was oil and asked James Weddel and Francis Lane what it was.

Later, when Galgo Helder told James, Elden and Lane to keep their heads up, Steinberg jokingly said that Helder was "the very picture of caution and common sense.", to which Helder replied that if Steinberg wanted pictures of him, he could send him some "shower scenes."

Discovery of Onager and Xenomorph attack[]

At approximately 4:47 PM Earth Central Time, the crew discovered a ship from the colony Hadley's Hope — the Onager. When the crew went inside the ship, a crew member commented that it looked like the walls were covered moss, but Steinberg touched some of it and replied "No. It's harder." Another crew member began reading life forms and Steinberg asked "Life forms? What kind of--", but was cut off by attacking Xenomorphs, which had formed a Hive inside the ship. The crew was forced to retreat and call the Kamdos for evacuation. While they were crossing a series of connected natural arches over a lake, a part of the arch Steinberg was walking on collapsed into the lake.

As the Kamdos approached, a crew member told the ship to give them a moment to "fish" Steinberg out. As Steinberg began swimming, a group of Deacon-like "Sharks" approached him and 3 more crew members fell in. As the "Sharks" attacked the crew members, Helder, Higgins and Piper opened fire on the creatures and, although he was wounded, Steinberg made it out of the water. He was later taken to and treated in the sickbay aboard the Kadmos with the rest of the wounded.

At 6:26 PM Earth Central Time, Foster informed the crew aboard the Helios that Steinberg, along with Woodbell, might not make it.


Sickbay attack

The Xenomorphs attack the sickbay.

On January 22, while Steinberg was unconscious on a hospital bed in the sickbay, the Kadmos was boarded by a Yautja hunting party. A group of cloaked Yautja entered the sickbay, unbeknownst to the humans inside, who decided to secure the room. As they were barricading the door, however, Xenomorph Drones let onto the ship by Elden broke through and attacked the humans. One got onto Steinberg's bed and began attacking him as he let out a "Grrrgle" noise, while Elden watched the attack from monitors.


As with the rest of the salvage mission crew, Steinberg wore a Presidium Mark VIII Advanced SE Suit on LV-223 and was one of the few (possibly only) to also wear a cap with his name on it. He was also armed with a rifle, but lost it when he fell into the lake.

Behind the scenes[]

Cut Steinberg panels

The cut panels.[1]

Prometheus: Fire and Stone artist Juan Ferreyra originally drew different panels for when Steinberg falls into the lake, but they were replaced by different ones in the final release. The panels also show Sternberg without a moustache or goatee, unlike in the final comic. He later shared the panels on the Facebook page "Juan E. Ferreyra, Comics and illustration" on December 13, 2013.[1]