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Ripley fighting star-faced Xenomorphs in the accessed power loader.

The Star-Faced alien is a form of Xenomorph introduced in Aliens (1990 video game), developed by Konami. They appear as minor enemies in the game.


After proceeding through the sewers and thus escaping, Ellen Ripley/Dwayne Hicks gains access to a Power Loader to proceed through the following level, alongside combating a horde of Xenomorphs consisting of several castes and forms. Amongst the enemies found within the level are star-faced Xenomorphs, making their only appearance throughout the entirety of the game and do not appear again once the level is completed.


The star-faced Xenomorph debuts in only one level and does not make another appearance, alongside many other enemies found within the game. The star-faced Xenomorph possesses the body of a Drone which is colored in a brown hue, lacking a visible tail. The most prominent feature of this enemy type is the appearance of its head, as it possesses multiple portrusions that are seemingly similar in appearance to tendrils, thus granting this type of Xenomorph its identification as "star-faced".

It should also be noted that, judging by the fact that the star-faced Xenomorph is similar in height to the power loader found within its debut level, this form of Xenormoph is taller and ultimately larger than most other average forms of enemies found within the game.


The star-faced Xenomorph moves in a vertical manner while launching rounds of acid at the player as its main form of offense, while using its movement to form some type of barrier or blockade.