Doctor Stanislaw "Stan" Mayakovsky was a geneticist and scientific author who was working in the field of synthetics and insect anthropology during the period after the Alien infestation of Earth. He was the author of the popular work on ant socio-biology Cyberantics, in which he created a synthetic ant, named "Ari" to infiltrate and study an ant colony.

Diagnosed with a deadly disease, Mayakovsky developed an addiction to the illicit secretions from Alien Queens, a substance commonly known on Earth as Royal Jelly. Mayakovsky was then enlisted by a beautiful thief named Julie Lish who, inspired by reading his book, recruited Mayakovsky into an illegal plan to try and secure a source of valuable Royal Jelly from a Grant-Corporation-held Alien hiveworld in space. For the plot, Mayakovsky created a synthetic Alien, called Norbert, to infiltrate an Alien hive. At first, the plan appears successful, with the crew unexpectedly finding that a Grant Corp. vessel, with a ruthlessly protective crew, were already on the planet harvesting the Jelly. The Grant Corp. operatives protect themselves from Xenomorphs by using inhibitor devices that run on Royal Jelly. Immune to the devices, Norbert disposes of the Grant crew, allowing Mayakovsky to secure a harvest of Royal Jelly.

Myakosky and Lish then suffer a series of reversals. When Norbert infiltrates the Xenomorph hive, he fails to fool the Xenomorphs as Ari had in an ant hive, and it appears that Norbert is destroyed. Turbulent atmospheric conditions cause Mayakovsky's ship to crash. Lish and Myakovsky survive the crash only to find themselves marooned on a planet infested with hostile aliens, and their only defense is a dwindling supply of Royal Jelly. In desperation, the survivors race to reach the Grant Corp. ship before they run out of Royal Jelly, forcing them to travel directly through a Xenomorph hive. Despite the timely intervention of Norbert, badly damaged, but still functioning, Mayakovsky finds himself trapped in the hive. Resigned to their fate, Mayakovsky and Lish take a dose of Royal Jelly, sending them into a state of bliss, even as Xenomorph erupt out of their bodies.



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