A stalker.

Stalker was a title held by certain members of the Yautja race.


They were the rough equivalent of a Marine sniper with their weapon being the use of the Speargun which had the longest range of any Predator weapon. These were the stealthiest hunters, who maintained a cloaked status for a far longer period than any other Predator. They strongly benefited from enhanced vision mode upgrades with a weapon that significantly outranged its default field of view.

They wore a unique low energy combat suit with microwave optical channeling that enabled cloaked status for far longer periods when compared to a standard Cloak mechanism. However, this came at a price as this suit was far more fragile and provided little armored protection. Furthermore, they restricted the movement of the Yautja, deeming it incapable of moving quickly, making them a target to enemies that detect them.


Skins predator stalker

The Stalker skin in Aliens vs. Predator.



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