Spence was a Weyland-Yutani Corporation Ecology Technician aboard the Anchorpoint Anchorpoint Station alongside Halliday. She was one of the few members aboard the station when an unknown variant of Xenomorph XX121 (Alien) attacked. She along with Dwayne Hicks and Bishop were the last survivors.


Years prior to the incdent Spence won several contests to study abroad in order to secure her place on Anchorpoint Station. Believing herself to be capable of pretty much anything as long as she applied herself. She managed to aquire her dream job but Weyland-Yutani Corporation was not funding their projects as much as any of them would've liked.

Spence was stationed at Anchorpoint to create and observe various ecological anomalies or other such specimens. Spence and Tully were on "Downtime" when Susan Welles and Kevin Fox arrived. She along with the others were none to happy with the apparent take over. During this time made her disdain rather apparent acting callous and rude to the two. She along with the others decieded to stage a coup ,after Hicks was debreifed, in order to take back the Station and destroy the experiments in the medlab. Bishop,upon returning from the U.P.P. was instructed to protect and contain the experiments, was about to destroy them when the group entered the medlab. She along with the others witnessed the transformation Susan Welles underwent and decieded to blow up the station.

During this time she along with the others endured various trauma. She lost her best friend Halliday and lover Tully. Watched as her own crew member semi-transformed into a Welles-Xenomorph She along with Hicks and Bishop survived the ordeal with the help of Chang picking them up before the Station exploded. In the end the four would be picked up by the Kanas City Colonist Transport.


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