"It's very quick. Painless. A couple of incisions, you'll be out for two hours."
―Dr. Matsushita (from Alien3 Special Edition)

Doctor Sora Matsushita[2] was part of the Weyland-Yutani team dispatched to Fiorina "Fury" 161 aboard the USCSS Patna in 2179, under the command of Michael Bishop, in an attempt to recover a live Xenomorph specimen from the Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit. After the failure of that mission, in 2184 Matsushita accompanied a United States Colonial Marine Corps unit known as the Midnighters to LV-991 in a bid to acquire renegade scientist Blue Marsalis, who had transcended her humanity using a mysterious pathogen. However, Matsushita earned the ire of unit leader Kylie Duncan, who critically injured Matsushita and left him to die in a pool of Xenomorph blood.


Mission to Fiorina 161[]

Matsushita was the first member of the Weyland-Yutani team to make contact with local staffer Francis Aaron upon their arrival at the Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit. Immediately it became obvious that they were more interested in recovering Ripley and the Dragon than rescuing survivors, as Matsushita promptly began asking as to Ripley's location and medical status.

Once the team confronted Ripley in the base's foundry, Michael Bishop invited Matsushita to explain the procedure to remove the embryo to her; it would be straightforward, and she would be unconscious for no more than a few hours. However, Ripley was not swayed and, ultimately, the doctor and Bishop were unable to intervene as Ripley threw herself into the furnace to destroy the Queen inside her.

Into Charybdis[]

Still under the command of Michael Bishop, Matsushita was part of the Midnighters, a United States Colonial Marine Corps team dispatched to LV-991 in 2184 aboard the USS Benning in an attempt to recover Dr. Blue Marsalis, a former Weyland-Yutani scientist who used a modified version of a mysterious pathogen to biologically transform herself into a Xenomorph Queen-like creature while retaining her intellect and self-awareness, having done so to escape death at the hands of Seegson after an incident at the research station dubbed the Cold Forge. While the Midnighters were able to capture the mutant Marsalis, she was ultimately released by Marcus, a synthetic owned by the visiting McAllen Integrations company. When the Midnighters' chances of recapturing Marsalis were lost, Matsushita was killed by unit leader Captain Kylie Duncan in frustration; despite his assurances that he could heal the horrific injuries she had sustained from the Xenomorphs at the base, Duncan severed Matsushita's legs and left him to die in a pool of spilled Xenomorph blood.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The scientist character was at one point intended to have a slightly more prominent role in the film; one early rewrite of the Alien3 script has Michael Bishop label him "one of the finest transplant surgeons in the world".[4] Another draft of the script had Aaron kill Bishop when he struck him with the wrench, after which Matsushita took over as commander of the Weyland-Yutani team. The doctor attempts to convince Ripley not to commit suicide, but without altering the outcome.[4] However, when it was later decided that Bishop's death was too anti-climactic, Matsushita was relegated to a minor character, and was even stripped of his name — later scripts list him simply as "Company Man #1", much like the film's credits.[4]


  • Matsushita is not named in Alien3's credits and his name is never spoken on-screen, nor is he given a name in the film's novelization, instead being referred to as the 'Company Man'. However, his name was revealed as Matshuita in the film's shooting script, specifically the January 5, 1991 draft by Rex Pickett.[5] This was later changed to Matsushita in the novel Alien: Into Charybdis, as Matshuita is not a grammatically-correct Japanese name; Japanese consultant Mitch Mitchell provided the correct spelling.[6] The novel additionally revealed the character's first name to be Sora.
  • In the book Alien: The Blueprints, the blueprints for Fiornia 161's mineral ore mine and refinery were "checked by" Tsutomu Matsushita.
  • When comparing the original DVD presentation of the Alien3 Special Edition with later Blu-ray releases (which featured re-recorded dialogue to cover poor audio quality), it seems Matsushita's added lines were re-dubbed by a different actor.



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