"Could you get your hands up please, sir?"
"Could you get your hands up please..."
―The soldier and Johner (from Alien Resurrection)

The "soldier with glove" was a soldier stationed aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga.


The soldier was part of the security detail who searched the Betty crew for concealed weapons as they came aboard the Auriga. Using his scanning glove, he first searched Christie, but failed to find the Concealed Pistols mounted on his forearms. Later, he attempted to search Dom Vriess, but his metal P.T.V. interfered with the soldier's scanning glove. Annoyed with Vriess' sarcasm, the soldier let him through, not realizing the parts to several custom-built weapons were actually concealed within the chair's structure.

It is unknown what happened to the soldier when the Cloned Xenomorphs escaped their containment cells, although it is likely he was killed aboard the Auriga.


The soldier used a specialized scanning glove to check the Betty crew for weapons.


  • The character is never named in the film or its novelization, and is simply credited as "Soldier with glove".



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