The Snatcher, also known as the Chimp Alien, is an adult form of the species Xenomorph XX121 spawned from an anthropoid host animal (such as a chimpanzee). Snatchers are stronger and more robust than its Drone counterpart due to its DNA reflex, therefore retaining the characteristics of its host, namely posture and proportions. The Snatcher favours a quadrupedal stance (knuckle-walking) and was capable of catching up to the most fittest of humans aboard RB-232.

Their name was given because of the unparalled speed in which they travel and abduct potential hosts. The headcress of the Snatcher is also much broader than that of the Drone, although there is uncertainty as to what purpose it serves. Other than these characteristics, Snatchers possess the typical Xenomorph XX121 traits, such as a sable mesoskeleton, the abilty to produce Hive resin, and the ability to cling to ceilings.


  • When questioned if the Xenomorph on the front cover of the Alien: The Cold Forge novel was a visual representation of the Snatcher, author Alex White clarified it was not, and that the Xenomorph on display was in fact a Warrior caste from the 2013 video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.


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