Snake Alien artwork from the Aliens Kenner Toyline

The Snake Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products.

It has no arms or legs, but possesses a powerful tail which allows it to attack and hide in trees. It also possesses a wide hood similar to that of a cobra, which it spreads before spitting acid at its victims.


  • The two mandibles on the upper jaw of the Snake Alien are likely inherited from the host's fangs.
  • The Snake Alien's hood and ability to spit acid point to the host being a spitting cobra, which also has a hood and can spit venom.
  • The snake alien also appeared in the non-canon Aliens arcade game, but it was smaller and smoother. It was also colored orange, unlike the Kenner snake alien with was gold, black and dark green.
  • The snake alien was one of the bosses in SNES Alien vs Predator but it was silver with a regular pink crest and average alien jaws.



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