Smith was a synthetic Colonial Marine active in the early 2190's. He was part of a task force sent to collect a specimen for the Terran Government with the rest of the platoon on board The Benedict. After coming out of hypersleep, the ship was hijacked by a pirate and his armed synthetics, this happened due to a double agent sabotaging the weapons before the attack. Smith perished later on the infested planet making his way to the hived crew.


Retrieval Mission Gone Wrong[]


Smith was created by the USCMC as an alternative to human soliders.

Colonial Marine Smith was part of Fox Platoon, Squad One; which was being trained on a mission to capture a xenomorph specimen for the Terran Government. The mission was being lead by Colonel Stephens and was being trained at a facility on Earth by Sergent Wilks. Smith's Platoon set out on April 5, 2192 at 900 hours, the mission was going to last about eighteen months round trip to the planet, collect the specimen and return home.

When the crew awoke from hypersleep, Colonel Stephens found out there was plus one on the roster. Sgt. Wilks told the Colonel that she was a civilian advisor that has dealt with the creatures in the past. Smith and the other Marines were able to pick her out of the bunch and some of the Marines found Stephens' ignorance to be amusing. Smith was playing cards with the rest of Squad One and Blake offered Easley a seat but he declined since he had patrol duty. Easley was later found to have gone EVA with a live grenade and was killed in the explosion.

Later there was a large jolt on The Benedict and Wilks sounded the General Alarm and the Marines were scrambling to get ready wondering if it was a drill or if they were being attacked. Colonel Stephens voice came over the com ordering Marines to suit up and meet by the APC. As the Marines went to the armory they found that their weapons were missing the feed ramps. The Marines were over taken by the pirate forces which were armed with splatter guns and had the Marines out gunned.

Smith and the rest of the Marines were rounded up in combat gear and unarmed and sent planetside to be used as bait for xenomorphs. The Marines were motioned to go into the local hive by combat androids in air pods which were armed with Plasma Rifles. After some of the synthetics in the air pods were attacked by local flying wildlife the Marines in First Squad caught a break when one of the armed synthetics from a downed air pod ran towards the hive for cover and wound up being captured by the squad.

The Marines relieved the android of his pistol and Plasma Rifle. Bueller then delegated the rifle to Blake since she was the best shot overall and himself the pistol. Smith objected to Bueller taking command stating that since Easley died and that the rest of the Squad held the same rank.[3] Other members of the squad remarked that Bueller was the best marksman with the pistol and Smith's skills weren't as adequate.

The Marines of Squad One then took the fight to clear out more of the combat androids and acquire more weapons. After picking off some of the androids, the Marines knew they had to escape via the dropship. Unfortunately, the dropship was rigged to blow and in the ensuing explosion took Ramirez with it. Now down to five squad members the Marines overheard com chatter from Squad Two that they were being overrun by the creatures. Realizing that the human crew members were in harm's way the Marines decided to rescue the survivors in the xenomorph nest.

On their way to the crewmembers signals the squad is ambushed by xenomorphs, at first the Marines are having good luck on gunning down the creatures as they try to ambush the squad. One xenomorph gets the jump on Bueller and gets its legs vaporized by the plasma rifle and careens into Chin. It then bites him in the leg and impales him before Smith and the others finish it off. Immediately after loosing Chin another wave of creatures attacks and one attacks Smith. The other squad members shoot at the creature and a stray plasma bolt vaporizes Smith's head in the fight. The creature is also taken down and its acidic blood drenches and vaporizes the remains of Smith.



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