Shawn H. Keyes[2] was a member of Project Stargazer. He was the son of Peter Keyes.


Unlike his father, Shawn Keyes was more affable and approachable and got into friendly debates with the staff at Stargazer, though it is unknown what position of authority he had in the organization. After the Fugitive Predator escapes, he tells Casey where to go to find it, unlike his colleague Traeger who almost immediately ordered her termination.


  • The prequel novel The Predator: Hunters and Hunted gives Keyes' first name Sean. However, in the novelization of The Predator, it is instead spelt Shawn.
  • While Keyes apparently survives the events of The Predator, his fate in the movie's novelization is quite different — he is killed by the Fugitive during the breakout, and the Predator beheads him before also cutting off his hand, taking both so that it can bypass the retina and palmprint scanners sealing the lab exit.[3] After opening the door, the Fugitive discards the dismembered body parts and Keyes' head is repeatedly crushed by the elevator-style sliding doors as they attempt to close.[4]



  1. Keyes' actor's (Jake Busey) height is 6ft 3 (190.5 cm), so that is also how tall Keyes would have been.
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