Shaman[2] was a Yautja encountered by Mike Harrigan aboard the Yautja Mother Ship hidden beneath Los Angeles in 1997. He was a member of the Los Angeles hunting party.


One of the oldest living Yautja, Shaman is no stranger to Earth. In mid-19th century North America, he hunted the strongest warriors of indigenous human tribes with only primitive handmade weapons. The mysterious skull-faced apparition they saw became known in some Native American folklore as "wechuge," or "man-eating demon" because he would devour his prey to absorb their spirit and strength, and fashion their bones into new weapons for the next kill. Shaman began as an apprentice of the ancient Yautja mystical beliefs, and his dark presence and obsession with the macabre was disturbing even to other Yautja. But in his later years, he found his place as a spiritual leader with the Lost Tribe, by which time he'd developed seemingly clairvoyant abilities helping to guide and advise the younger hunters.

Shaman and his clan mates confronted Harrigan aboard their ship after he defeated the City Hunter in a hand-to-hand duel. Knowing Harrigan had won an honorable battle, they spared him, collecting the City Hunter's body before the party's leader Greyback honored the detective with an ancient flintlock pistol. Harrigan escaped the ship before Shaman and the other Predators left Earth. A few notable traits were his sparse leather armor, unique staff, longer dreadlocks and fewer beads compared to his clan-mates.



  • Shaman is armed with a unique spear weapon; while similar, it does not appear to be a Combistick.
  • He is the first, and so far only, individual with a shaman rank to appear in Yautja culture.
  • Due to being one of the oldest of his species, combined with his spiritual role within the clan; it is highly likely Shaman holds the title of Ancient.