"Blood for the Loa!"
Serviteur Houngan (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Serviteur Houngan was a voodoo priest and the leader of Les Serviteurs in Neonopolis in 2030. As a dealer in Borgia Industries' Prometheus Tech, Serviteur Houngan found himself the target of the Yautja Scarface when it traveled to Neonopolis to Hunt those who had proliferated his species' equipment.

Serviteur Houngan was a very superstitious man, believing Scarface to be a divine demon sent to kill him. He was killed when he challenged the Predator to a duel in his gang's headquarters.

Behind the Scenes[]

In-game description[]

The priest of the city's voodoo worshiping gang, the Les Serviteurs. A descendant of inbred generations of Houngan, this was a giant of a man made even more fearsome by his insane belief that the sinister scorpion god protected him from harm.

He was wrong.


  • In Haitian Voodoo, a "serviteur" is a general term for anyone who practices voodoo, and a "houngan" is a priest.
  • At one point, Serviteur Hougan is referred to as "King Willie", the same name as the Jamaican drug lord in Predator 2.




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