"Salvation was so close. I could not fail now. The aliens were just like Dean. Inhuman soulless puppets. Satan was not in the Maru. The real evil was much larger, much more powerful."
Selkirk (from Aliens: Salvation)

Selkirk was a ship cook aboard the space freighter Nova Maru. He and his crew were assigned by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to transport classified cargo to the planet PCW9512. The cargo was revealed to be Xenomorph creatures, and following an outbreak, ship captain Foss took Selkirk hostage and jettisoned them both into the planet, abandoning the Maru. The two subsequently crash landed on a remote island, and were forced to survive together as castaways.

Selkirk ultimately sacrificed himself to destroy a hive that had formed from within the ruins of the Maru, using a Self-Destruct System to wipe out all life on the island.


Marooned on PCW9512[]

"I know that you can see me, lord...I know that you can read my heart...I...I pray that you will forgive my sins. For I have sinned. I have done terrible things. Terrible things."
Selkirk praying (from Aliens: Salvation)

Selkirk serving the crew of the Maru.

Selkirk served as ship cook aboard the Nova Maru, then assigned on a supply-run to transport unknown cargo to the planet PCW9512. Whilst Selkirk served the crew their food, an alarm sounded citing that Hold Four had been breached. Ship captain Foss, suddenly barged into the room, heavily maimed. Delirious, he killed crewmember Stutz before taking Selkirk as hostage to pilot the escape pod.

Foss had the two of them enter the pod and abandon the ship, leaving the other crewmembers for dead. The pod subsequently crashes on the desolate planet PCW9512 in a small isolated island, leaving the two as castaways. Foss' waning mental health was becoming a problem, and he would have random outbursts of insanity, largely at Selkirk's expense.


Selkirk is forced to kill Foss in self-defence.

At some point Selkirk encountered Foss firing his rifle at a washed up corpse of an Alien. Selkirk excitedly deduced that if the Maru's cargo had reached the island, then the Nova Maru must have crashed on the planet too, managing to contact the ships' deep-space distress beacon from the escape pod, much to his relief. Foss suddenly opens the hatch and, in a mad state, begins opening fire at Selkirk. After his gun jams, Selkirk tackles him. After a brief scuffle, he is forced to kill him by stabbing him in the eye with a screwdriver. With little options for food left, Selkirk regretfully cannibalized Foss, using pieces of his corpse to cook under a fire.

Locating the Nova Maru and Dean[]

"Dean would only tell me that the Maru's shuttle was still serviceable...And that the way to it was past more demons. Fearfully, I prayed for your protection. Yet Dean was confident and unafraid. And...And I began to think she might...like me. That one day, we might even --"
Selkirk regarding Dean (from Aliens: Salvation)

Selkirk and Dean.

Gathering all remaining supplies and donning Foss' rifle, Selkirk set out into the jungle wilderness to search for the Nova Maru. Several days passed, with Selkirk slowly losing his sanity. At some point he mistook an ape-like native of the planet for Foss, killing it. After an indeterminate amount of time, he finally managed to encounter the ruins of the Maru, and, after passing out and suffering a fever dream, he woke up to see First Officer Dean, who was sole-survivor of the crash.

As the two traversed further into the jungle, they encountered a family of ape-like natives fleeing from a Xenomorph, who pounced on one and kills it. Though Dean wished to be discreet, Selkirk suffered from a panic-attack, diverting the creature's attention towards the two. Suddenly, the jungle comes alive and the two are surrounded by Xenos. Forced to retreat whilst firing their weapons at all angles, Dean and Selkirk jump off a waterfall and manage to successfully sway the creatures. Though Selkirk constantly questioned the meaning behind the Maru carrying such dangerous cargo, Dean remained consistently evasive. Regardless, he soon began developing feelings for her, leaving him conflicted.

Into the depths of the Maru[]


Selkirk is horrified to discover that Dean was an android.

Dean and Selkirk returned to the ruins, where she detailed that the Marus' shuttle was still functionable, and in order for the two to get there, she detonated one of the ships liquid oxygen tanks as a diversion. The two make for the shuttle, but in the chaos, Selkirk encountered the decayed and chestbursted corpse of crewmember Boyd. Selkirk began to panic and lost Dean, before suddenly plummeting into the depths of the ship, encountering a hive and a Queen in the process. Selkirk managed to silently escape and eventually managed to make his way to the shuttle.

To his horror, it is revealed that Dean had survived, but that she was in fact a Synthetic sleeper agent, her circulatory fluid leaking everywhere. Selkirk forced Dean to reveal that she and Foss were assigned by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to transport Xenomorph cargo to PCW9512, so that they could use the indigenous species there as reserve subjects - she only saved Selkirk to nullify the chance of the Maru being claimed as salvage.



Selkirk's final moments before his death.

"The Company wanted to breed the Alien Demons here. Turn this planet into hell. Condemn its innocent natives to a living death. Killing them all would be a terrible thing. A terrible thing...But letting them live would be worse."
Selkirk whilst setting the Self-Destruct System (from Aliens: Salvation)

Enraged, Selkirk kills Dean. Brandishing a Flamethrower and handgun, he delved into the ship interior, all the while single-handedly holding off the Alien creatures. He accessed and activated the ship's Self-Destruct System, which began counting down. Just before a Xenomorph kills him whilst he prays, the ship exploded, killing him and wiping out all life within the vicinity, denying the company their asset.

Personality & Traits[]

Selkirk was a very devout man who believed in The Lord to the fullest extent. He was always respectful and never instigated fights. As such, while his deep faith in God was often the butt of jokes, and the crew did not appreciate his cooking, he still more or less remained a decent man.

Following the crash landing, his sense of morality was put to the test multiple times. Nevertheless, he still knew he had wronged in his life and prayed for his soul and his crew mates before making the ultimate sacrifice. Unlike other devotees, such as Ann McKay, Selkirk still remained faithful following his encounter with the Xenomorph.


Selkirk wielded an unspecified machine gun, initially owned by Foss, during most of his survival. He would eventually gain a flamethrower and pistol during his final assault.