Seegson Synthetics was a subsidary of Seegson which handled the manufactouring of Working Joe's.


Seegson Synthetics was created to compete against the android production being undertaken by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation at the time, though the Working Joe's proved to be much less efficient than their Weyland-Yutani counterparts. As a result, Seegson Synthetics was mostly kept away from the common eye, and reputably placed in extremely reclusive areas aboard each Seegson spacecraft.

Events on Sevastopol

In 2137 the Seegson Synthetics portion of Sevastopol Station was traversed by Amanda Ripley in order to get ahold of a compression cylinder to aid in her escape. Though several androids were hostile as a result of orders from Weyland-Yutani, not all of them were, and Ripley was able to receive aid from one Working Joe who was stowed away during the earlier stages of the disaster. Seegson Synthetics was later destroyed, along with Sevastopol Station, when the orbital stabilizers were destroyed, causing it to disintegrate in KG-348's atmosphere.


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