The Ryushi Queen was a Hive Queen encountered on Ryushi.



Breaking from her shackles

The Ryushi Queen was once head of a hive near Prosperity Wells, but conflicts with Machiko sees that the vast majority of her brood is destroyed. She and a scant few of them manage to get away, but run into her again. This time, however, there are more players in the game. Machiko Noguchi has endeared herself to the hunters of Ryushi by killing one of their number, the humans and predators pairing up and capturing the Queen Xenomorph.

She comes into play later as Machiko and her allies realize that the presence of a queen in the midst of the Killer Yautjas Xenomorph hounds would cause them to mutiny. In the midst of a battle between the Killers and their hounds, the Queen is brought in and as expected, the tide of the conflict turns for a second as the Xenomorphs turn on their handlers. Once they are all dead, however, the Queen turns her new subjects on her captives.

The Hunter Captain and his party remain behind to fend them off and claim their glory, while Machiko Noguchi flees with the humans and is dishonored in their eyes.


Though not terribly distinct from other queens in terms of behavior or purpose, the Ryushi Queen stands apart from them thanks to her oddly shaped crest. Instead of adopting the typical 'T' shape most queens boast, it branches off into 3 prongs. Beneath the crest, a fairly normal Xenomorph head resides, elongated and ridged.

She also seems to lack the "hood" which allows Queens to retract and hide their heads.


  • The Ryushi Queen's pronged crest is arguably the oddest and most unique of those seen.
  • Despite being from a different hive, the Tusked Xenomorphs adopt the Ryushi Queen as their leader without incident. This is somewhat at odds with what is seen with Ol' Blue when he encounters what he believes to be a rival colony. However, it could also be that Queen-less Xenomorphs are more amenable to a foreign Queen.