"Uh, hi... I don't believe we've met... My name is Sean Davis, generic Company Man. That's a joke... And you are...?"
Sean Davis (from Aliens: Infestation)

Sean Davis was a high-ranking member of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and is the main antagonist of Aliens: Infestation.


Early life

He was born around 2150, judging by his looks, and, upon joining the company, enjoyed a easy rise through the ranks of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, eventually becoming high enough in the ranks to have a large group of Weyland-Yutani soldiers at his disposal and being able to sanction research trips to and from Phobos.

Phobos and the USS Sulaco

He was commanding officer of the team of scientists dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco and take the surviving Xenomorphs to the the Martian moon Phobos and experiment on them in order to make to make genetically-engineered soldiers .e.g the Gorilla Xenomorphs. Phobos was home to a Weyland-Yutani Corporation research facility where they conducted experiments with Xenomorphs using large primates. However, the facility lost control of the Xenomorphs and all members within the facility were killed.

The Protagonist fist meets him when they are on the USS Sulaco, his bodyguard says something about him not being able to contact his men and tell them not to go near the Cargo.


"So watch yourself and keep an eye out for that company man Sean Davis. I don't trust him."
Steele (from Aliens: Infestation)

At the end of the game, The Marines, now aware of the company's plans, return to the Sulaco where they face off against 'The Company Man' and try to destroy the last of the Xenomorphs. Sensing that he could lose profits, he starts patriotically ranting about how the Xenomorphs are the perfect lifeforms and could be used to great effect in war and replace regular soldiers, annoying the marine. Suddenly, a gigantic Empress appears, he begs the marine to kill it but they refuse and the Queen kills him by ripping through his torso with her massive inner-jaw. His body is then destroyed along with the USS Sulaco.


He wore a red patterned jacket with a white polo shirt underneath. He had short light brown hair, piercing blue eyes and was very lanky, walked with a swagger and had a suspicious smirk that only left him when was faced with death.

Personality and Traits

He was quite a calm and laid back man, strangely his demeanor didn't change that much when faced with a gun toting marine shouting death threats at him. However, he was quickly reduced to a blubbering wreck when faced with the Empress at the end of the game, practically begging the marine to help him with the marine refusing, causing his death.



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