The Scimitar, also known as the Arm Blade, is a metallic bladed Yautja weapon used on their Hunts. While similar to Wristblades in function, Scimitars offer greatly increased range (owing to their greater size) but at the cost of increased bulk and reduced manuverability. Furthermore, while Wristblades can be folded away completely when not in use, Scimitars have only limited retracting capabilities, meaning the user is affected by their bulk even when not in combat.[1]

When fully extended, a Scimitar blade can be as long as a Predator's leg, giving the hunter significant range in a melee. As an added benefit, they are covered by a Predator's Cloak even when extended fully, unlike the standard Wristblades.

Scimitars were notably used by Chopper, a Young Blood sent to Earth on an initiation Hunt in 2004. The Yautja confronted Lex Woods in a pyramid room and prepared to dispatch the human with his Scimitar, but was intercepted by Grid, who killed Chopper first by impaling the Predator through the chest and then with a Headbite.



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