"And then as soon as I saw it, I knew — Scarface. After all those years and decades, how could I ever forget... How could it ever forget what I'd done to it?"
MOTHER, regarding Scarface (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Scarface, also known as the "New Way Devil", was a Yautja from the Dark Blade Clan. He first came to Earth in 1930 to conduct a hunt in New Way City. Despite being an experienced warrior, the hunt was a failure that led to his technology falling into the hands of humans, a disgrace for which he was banished by his clan. A century later he returned to New Way City, now called Neonopolis, to redeem himself and regain his honor.

Scarface slaughtered the street gangs of Neonopolis, who had adopted Yautja technology to create advanced weapons and defensive technology of their own. He ultimately took revenge on those responsible for his downfall by slaughtering the entire Borgia crime family.


The New Way Devil[]

In 1930, Scarface landed in New Way City with the intent of hunting Bruno Borgia, the so-called "God of Gangsters" and the most powerful crime boss in the city. The Predator, then known as the New Way Devil, followed Bruno to a museum in the city, slaughtering various members of his Mafia before killing Bruno himself in an honorable match; the Yautja decapitated the "God of Gangsters" and proudly showed his head to Bruno's wife Isabella, who watched in horror, clutching her sickly newborn son Hunter. In its moment of triumph — or perhaps pity — the New Way Devil removed his bio-helmet, a move that proved to be fateful — Isabella seized the opportunity and drew her gun. Scarface noticed this but was a fraction of a second too late. She shot him in the face, destroying the Predator's left eye and spraying her and her son with its blood.

More of Bruno's men arrived and opened fire, wounding the New Way Devil further and forcing him to flee, leaving his bio-helmet, Plasmacaster and Glaive behind in the process. On his way back to his ship, the New Way Devil encountered a street war between the police, Borgia's mafia and the Irish mob; despite his wounds, the New Way Devil took the opportunity to kill Broken-Face Finlay, the leader of the Irish mob. As he continued to his ship, the Predator fell into a burning building. Trapped, and having revealed himself to his prey, the creature set the Self-Destruct Device on his ship and prepared to commit honorable suicide. The explosion leveled most of the city, but the New Way Devil somehow survived the blast.

As a Yautja Mothership landed, the Predator climbed out of the rubble and dropped to his knees in front of his clan Elder, awaiting what was surely an execution for his failure. Instead, the Elder banished him to a hostile world where he would have to fight for his survival against the extremely dangerous native creatures with only a Glaive and his Wristblades for defense.

Redemption chance[]

A century later, the clan returned to the Predator, now known as Scarface, and offered him a chance for redemption. The crime families of the rebuilt New Way City, now called Neonopolis, were using new and powerful weaponry developed from the equipment Scarface had left behind, dubbed Prometheus Tech. Attracted by the resultant conflict, Predators of the Dark Blade Clan had gone to Neonopolis to hunt, but had been defeated and captured by Borgia Industries, the corporation that was producing Prometheus Tech, now under the control of Hunter Isabella's granddaughter, Lucretia.

Scarface's clan brothers offered him forgiveness if he would return to Neonopolis, destroy all of the copied Predator technology, kill those who had misused it, and locate his missing brothers. He wasted no time in acquiring a ship so that he could begin the journey.

Hunting the gangs[]

Armed with the tools of an un-Blooded hunter, Scarface's first target were Les Serviteurs, a Jamaican voodoo gang that was using copies of Yautja Cloak technology. After flaying several members of the gang and leaving their corpses hanging from Borgia Industries billboards around the city, Scarface was forced to fight the city's police force, who were also trying to eliminate Les Serviteurs. After destroying the advanced Ulysses cyborgs being fielded by the police, Scarface made for the headquarters of Les Serviteurs, where he faced their fearsome leader, Serviteur Houngan. After claiming Houngan's skull as a trophy, he left the skinned bodies of the dead Serviteurs hanging from their headquarters.

Scarface next searched for a hidden Dark Blade Clan ship that had been lost in the city, hidden beneath an abandoned church used as sanctuary by the Dead Men gang. Scarface infiltrated the gang's lair, eliminated their leaders, the Dead Men Triad, and left the flayed bodies of his defeated opponents hanging inside the church. With any witnesses dead, Scarface descended into the sewers beneath the church and recovered the lost Predator ship.

Scarface next infiltrated Italian mob boss Don Giovanni's fortified compound and, with indirect help from the Juvenite Pack-9 gang, gained entrance to Giovanni's mansion and recovered his Glaive, killing Giovanni and his personal bodyguard Vinny di Angelo in the process. Scarface then targeted El Hongo, leader of the Matadores and an associate of Lucretia Borgia. Scarface trailed El Hongo around the city, hoping he would lead him to Lucretia. However, Lucretia was aware of this ploy and sent Viktor the Chechen and The Machine Men to kill the Predator. Scarface slaughtered them all, claiming Viktor's skull, before returning to his pursuit of El Hongo. He followed the Matadores' leader to a meeting with the Working Girls, a gang comprised of ex-porn star hookers led by Baby Blew, at the city's docks. After sinking a special shipment of Borgia Industries hardware, Scarface killed El Hongo and Baby Blew, before stowing away on a Borgia Industries truck and infiltrating one of Lucretia's depots.

Unfinished business[]


After killing Long Spear and Swift Knife

After destroying the depot, Scarface was attacked by a large group of cyborgs from The Monster Squad. Despite defeating several of the heavily-armed troopers, Scarface was eventually overwhelmed and captured, badly injured. When he awoke inside a high-tech facility, Scarface managed to free himself from his restraints, killing two scientists in the process, before recovering his weaponry, killing several guards and freeing other Yautja clan brothers that had also been captured. As Scarface escaped the complex, Lucretia dispatched three brainwashed, cybernetically-enhanced Bad Blood Yautja to kill him; Scarface granted Swift Knife and Long Spear honorable deaths, but Stone Heart escaped.

Finally, Scarface headed to Lucretia's penthouse to confront her, fighting her personal Ronin Bodyguard and a new prototype Ulysses on the way. Scarface's pursuit of Lucretia brought him to the MOTHER building, where the computer that ran Neonopolis was housed. After defeating several Ulysses robots and security guards and making trophies of four more Monster Squad members, Scarface entered his final battle with Stone Heart in a replica of the church where Scarface had been shot in the eye 100 years before. He ended his brother's life with honor. Scarface then discovered that MOTHER was actually Isabella Borgia, who had been kept alive since 1930 by the Yautja blood, Scarface's blood, that had spilled on her when he had been shot.

As he prepared to finish her, MOTHER activated a shield in front of her and released a large group of Xenomorphs to kill Scarface. The Predator ventured into the Hive beneath MOTHER's chamber and succeeded in disabling the cooling systems and destroying the main generator, shutting down the power to the building and forcing the facility to switch to backup power. Unfortunately for MOTHER, the backup supply was not sufficient to power her protective shield.


"I'm the boss of this city!"
Scarface, mimicking Bruno Borgia after killing Hunter Borgia (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

After finally killing Isabella, Scarface discovered that Hunter Borgia had gone through genetic manipulation and had become a hybrid of Human and Yautja traits. When Hunter killed Lucretia, Scarface found her remaining Ronin Bodyguard and convinced them to avenge their master's death by helping to defeat Hunter. Scarface and the Ronin fought Hunter in a battle that took place on the roof, once the tide of the battle changed, Hunter fled and started to climb up a giant statue of his father, which was built on the roof of the Borgia Industries headquarters. Scarface again faced Hunter in a final showdown and ultimately defeated him.

Scarface finally redeemed his honor by taking Hunter's head as his final trophy, with a final loud roar and simultaneous Vocal Mimicry of Bruno proclaiming, "I'm the boss of this city!" Having single-handedly ended the Borgia dynasty, Scarface's Yautja brothers returned to take him home, accepting him back into their clan. Before leaving, Scarface painted his clan's symbol on the face of the statue of Bruno with Hunter's artificial Yautja blood, a final insult to the deceased family.

List of Notable Victims[]

Personality and Traits[]

Scarface was a fearless, merciless hunter; once he had prey in sight, nothing could sway him from killing it. However, he was something of an arrogant and reckless hunter prior to his downfall in New Way City in 1930. His decision to show the severed head of Bruno Borgia to his wife Isabella had not been so much instrumental in his injury and downfall as it was the removal of his helmet; it may have been a touch of remorse that caused him to look at the weak newborn Hunter Borgia with his own eyes.

Following his century in exile, Scarface seemed to have matured considerably, and became focused on restoring the honor he had lost. Even so, his arrogance had not completely died with his shaming, as was displayed when he finally destroyed the augmented Hunter — Scarface smugly repeated MOTHER's words about making Hunter strong through using his Yautja blood, over and over, before finally cutting him down. As a final insult to the Borgia family, Scarface defaced the statue of Bruno atop their headquarters with Hunter's blood while claiming to be the boss of Neonopolis.

Scarface also possessed a sadistic streak, particularly with regards to those who had begun using his stolen technology, along with a dark sense of humor, as seen when he killed Baby Blew and MOTHER, repeating choice, mocking phrases to them at the moment of their death. Despite this, he was also willing to work with Lucretia's Ronin warriors following her supposed death.



Scarface's weapons cabinet.

Even by Yautja standards, Scarface was very heavily armed, carrying a wide assortment of deadly bladed and energy-based weapons.

Behind the Scenes[]


Scarface was designed to resemble the Yautja from the Predator film series, but still retain some customizations of his own, such as his tribal ornaments and the human skull on his shoulder. His bio-helmet bears similarities to that of Celtic (whose helmet was in turn based on that of Guardian from Predator 2, which was in fact the original helmet created for the Jungle Hunter in Predator[2]), with the addition of a blood-stripe over the left eye and a line of spikes running down the forehead. Scarface, along with his clan, are the largest Predators encountered so far in the franchise, standing around 8 feet tall, making them larger than even the Super Predators.

The character was portrayed as an experienced warrior, called "a veteran of battles we cannot imagine". His tale is that of a disgraced warrior who must regain his honor by killing the enemies who have stolen his weapons. Scarface is also known for taunting his fallen enemies with his Vocal Mimicry, as he did to Hunter Borgia, El Hongo and others.


In Concrete Jungle, the character is called the "New Way Devil" in the missions set in New Way City in 1930. After losing one eye, the Predator earns the nickname Scarface, a possible reference to the titular gangster character in the 1983 film Scarface, starring Al Pacino. The character El Hongo often refers to Scarface as "El Diablo invisible", meaning "The invisible Demon".


  • Scarface is the playable character in the 2005 video game Predator: Concrete Jungle.
  • Scarface is one of the most prolific Predators that ever lived, having slaughtered a huge number of humans, several other Predators and numerous Xenomorphs.
  • Scarface often makes fitting use of his Vocal Mimicry, as shown when he kills Baby Blew and repeats her line, "What I've done with men, YOU wouldn't believe." After killing Isabella Borgia, he mimicked Bruno asking her to confirm he promised her a "night to remember". Before fighting Hunter Borgia, Scarface also mimicked Bruno saying "there's only room for one monster in this town!" Then "You ugly son of a bitch!"
  • Several alternate bonus skins in the game allow Scarface to take on the appearance of various Predators seen in the movies, including the Jungle Hunter, the City Hunter and Scar.
  • Scarface's name is a possible reference to the 1932 film Scarface, as well as its 1983 remake. For example, MOTHER's line, "Say hello to my little friends," said when she unleashes her secret army of Xenomorphs, is a variation of Tony Montana's iconic quote in the 1983 remake. Furthermore, both Scarface films follow a criminal rising through the ranks of the criminal underworld, similar to the manner in which Scarface works his way up from hunting down petty street gangs to taking on the biggest and most powerful criminals in the city. Coincidentally, Vivendi Games and Sierra Entertainment, who published Predator: Concrete Jungle, would go on to make Scarface: The World Is Yours, a video game based on the 1983 film.