The Crucified Predator using his Sat-Com to show Royce a map of the Solar System.

The Sat-Com[citation needed] is a Yautja holographic map projector which shows a complete 3D scan of an area and is part of a Yautja's Wrist Gauntlet. Yautja use this device in their Hunts to locate enemies or other targets.


In Alien vs. PredatorCeltic used his Sat-Com to locate humans and three Plasmacasters in the Pyramid under Bouvet Island he and his brothers, Scar and Chopper, went to in order to complete a Rite of Passage so they may become Blooded Yautja.

In Predators, the Crucified Predator uses his Sat-Com to show Royce a hologram of the Solar System.


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