Sargon IV was a rocky, mineral-rich planet orbiting the star GL754.1B on the Frontier. Sargon IV featured a breathable atmosphere that geologists working for the Company believed had high potential for xenoarchaeological discoveries.

In reality, Sargon IV was home to a previously discovered Xenomorph hive that the Company decided to use as a testing ground for their new and experimental Xenomorph-repelling chemical injection.


Trapped inside of an Escape Survival Unit buried deep beneath the surface of Sargon IV, a sick and hallucinating Victor Thompson recounts the disastrous chain of events that led to his ultimate demise.

When a group of geologists were given the opportunity to survey Sargon IV, a remote planet they believed would yield new xenoarchaeological discoveries, vaccines were administered by the Company to make sure the survey team were be able to combat foreign diseases like Rigelian fever, while acclimating to each new world they visited.

Upon their arrival, a geological survey immediately uncovered an artificial cavern on the planet's surface. Meanwhile, many of the crew started to fall ill with symptoms that were initially written off as common reactions to planetfall. When the scientific expedition returned to study the mysterious cavern, they were ambushed by a hoard of deadly Xenomorphs. and a number of the crew returned to the shuttle where the Companies medic, Dr. Makala, had set up a triage center as the minor onset of illness quickly progressed into a full-blown epidemic.

Meanwhile, more crewmembers started experiencing symptoms. It turned out a number of their crew had been taken by the Aliens into a hive and Lumumba, the teams security officer, wanted their bodies recovered before they left Sargon IV, when horde of Xenomorphs overran their colony and carried Regina Thompson away to their hive, leaving her husband Victor no choice but to volunteer for Lumumba's rescue operation.

While the rescue team was preparing for their mission, Lumumba forced Dr. Makala to divulge everything he knew about their current situation. Makala then went on to reveal that the Company had already known about the hive on Sargon IV, which is what made it the perfect location to test a new and experimental chemical vaccine that promised to save humans by making them seem like non-viable subjects for Xenomorph reproduction. Armed with high powered weapons, the rescue team stormed the Alien hive by force, shooting and killing a number of Xenomorphs, where a number of men were killed in the process. There, Victor found Regina cocooned alive next to a number of eggs. When Victor finally cut her free, a chestburster broke through her sternum, killing her instantly, and left Victor running for his life back to the shuttle where he watched one of the creatures kill his son Charlie with a vicious headbite.

In a fit of rage, Victor confronted Dr. Makala, and shot him in the shoulder before an Alien finished him off. Panicked and afraid, Victor sealed himself into an escape pod before he ejected it from the main shuttle, only to come crashing back down toward the surface and into the cavern. Buried and alone, Victor, who was sick and hallucinating, started to wonder if everything he remembered about his time on Sargon IV was real or just a side-effect of the experimental vaccine he was given, and while he may not be able to take control his own mind for too much longer, he decided to take control of his fate and forced the escape pods propulsion unit into meltdown until he and it were vaporized in a nuclear explosion, and destroyed the colony on Sargon IV.