Private Sarah Rosenthal, better known as "Rosie", was part of Sergeant Dan Lopé's security team aboard the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant. She was recruited by Lopé in London after applying for a security position aboard the Covenant, and worked with the sergeant to track down and neutralize the cult dubbed the Earthsavers, who were bent on halting the launch of the colony ship.

With the Earthsavers' crusade foiled, Rosenthal joined the Covenant crew in celebrating the ship's launch. One year into the journey to the distant world of Origae-6, the Covenant was hit by a cosmic event and damaged; in the aftermath of the incident, a mysterious planet was discovered by the crew. Rosenthal was part of an expeditionary detail that went to investigate it; while there, the expedition encountered dangerous parasitic creatures. Rosenthal would meet her end after being lethally attacked by one of them.



In 2103, Private Sarah Rosenthal travelled to Weyland-Yutani Corporation's corporate headquarters in London to apply for a position on the Weyland-Yutani colony ship USCSS Covenant. Upon arriving at the building, Rosenthal walked into a firefight between Covenant security chief Dan Lopé and several assailants. She intervened, disabling one of the attackers and saving Lopé's life, and he hired her on the spot.[5]

After the Earthsavers were stymied,[6] Rosenthal underwent fear conditioning along with several of her new colleagues at a Weyland-Yutani facility on the moon of Phobos. During the tests, Rosenthal was moved to tears.[1]

The expedition[]

Shortly after leaving Earth, the crew of the Covenant started preparing to enter hypersleep. Before entering their chambers, the crew organized a small impromptu celebration. Rosenthal was seen happily conversing and laughing along with other members of the crew and even encouraging Dan Lope and his husband Tom Hallet as they sparred in an arm-wrestling match. She also listened intently to Katherine Daniels as she made her speech and like the other crewmembers, toasted to the success of the Covenant's expedition.[7]

In 2104, one year into the Covenant's voyage, the ship was hit by a solar flare and damaged. The crew were awoken to deal with the emergency, with captain Jacob Branson being killed in the chaos. While repairing the damage, pilot Tennessee Faris intercepted a rogue transmission from a nearby world. Seeing that it was more amenable than their intended destination, newly-minted captain Chris Oram led an expedition to survey it. Rosenthal was attached to the team under Lopé to provide security. While departing aboard Lander One, she shared a joke about shuttle drops with fellow guard Ankor.

Ambush in the wheat field[]

"I got it! Daniels, are you OK?"
Rosenthal, after killing the first creature (from Alien: Covenant)

The expedition's heading led the team to a crashed alien ship. While exploring, guards Tom Hallet and Ben Ledward were infected by strange spores and quickly deteriorated. The team was immediately ordered back to Lander One when a dangerous alien creature emerged from Ledward; as Rosenthal and the others arrived back at the vessel with an increasingly sick Hallet, they witnessed its destruction following a misguided effort to kill the creature on board. Moments later, a second lifeform lethally ripped its way through Hallet's throat and mouth. The two creatures then escaped into the night. While Hallet's husband, Lopé, mourned over Hallet's body, Rosenthal consoled him, but told him that there was nothing he could do.

Shortly afterward, the two creatures returned to attack the crew. Rosenthal, colleague Cole, and Ankor attempted to mount a defence, but one of the lifeforms killed Ankor with its tail, and turned its attention to chief terraformist Katherine Daniels, knocking her to the ground. Rosenthal was able to intervene and shoot the creature; however, the other alien ambushed her from behind and pinned her down, almost seriously wounding her. Rosenthal was saved when a mysterious robed interloper scared the alien away with the help of a flare gun.

Wandering off[]

The Neomorph (1)

The Neomorph over Rosenthal's corpse

Rosenthal and the remaining members of the team were escorted to a nearby alien city by the figure, who revealed himself to be David, the android from the long-disappeared Prometheus expedition. After acclimating to her surroundings, Rosenthal informed Oram that she was going to find a place to clean up. While washing and patching the wounds she sustained during the earlier attack, she was accosted by the now fully-grown creature. Rosenthal reached for her pistol in an attempt to defend herself, but before she could do so the alien attacked her. Rosenthal's screams were cut short when the monster killed her via decapitation, and so went unheard by the rest of the team. Her mutilated corpse, including her severed head, were later found by Oram and David, with the alien still eating her remains. Against David's pleas, an enraged Oram shot the creature dead.

Later that night, Lopé and Cole set out to find her and Oram after the two were reported missing. Cole eventually found her body along with the dead creature, and reported her status to Lopé.


Rosenthal's primary weapon was a Thales F90 rifle outfitted with a tactical green laser sight, which she used to shoot one of the Neomorphs dead during the ambush in the wheat field. Later on, she armed herself with a Beretta 92FS Brigadier Inox outfitted with Hogue wrap-around grips, a tactical light, and a black hammer and safety/decocker. She was unable to use it before her death.

Personality and traits[]

Sarah Rosenthal was a stickler for showering.[5] She was also a follower of the Jewish faith, carrying a Star of David necklace; when Oram mentioned aboard the Engineer ship that he did not believe in giants, Rosenthal averred that she did.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"My character, Rosenthal, is one of the security team on the ship. Ankor and Rosenthal have a bit of a thing going on. We think maybe our partners are asleep, because everyone else who's awake has coupled up except for us!"
―Tess Haubrich describing her role[src]

Sarah Rosenthal first appeared in The Last Supper, a short released on YouTube to promote the 2017 film Alien: Covenant. In the short—and the film itself—Rosenthal was portrayed by Tess Haubrich.




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