The San Cristobal Medical Facility was a hospital aboard Sevastopol Station, located in the station's SciMed Tower. Its staff included that station's senior medical officer Dr. Lingard, Dr. Kuhlman, Dr. Morley and Dental Practitioner Fernandez.

San Cristobal was destroyed in 2137 along with the rest of Sevastopol when the station's gravity stabilizers were damaged by the destruction of the Anesidora, causing the station to burn up in the atmosphere of KG-348.


San Cristobal can be intimidating upon first sight, but it is relatively simply built.

Upper Level - Crisis Treatment

The upper level, through which Amanda Ripley-McClaren comes first time around entering San Cristobal, incidentally where she also meets Kuhlman is the crisis treatment center. It contains a lobby, an off-center room that can only be reached by vents first, and a ward to treat severe mental issues. The main ward area contains Morley's office, the entrance to reception, and a nurse's station on the left side, a group of three isolation cells on the far side on the sides of the door leading to Level Two, a common area - which contains one audio recording - in the center, and a disheveled ward on the right.

Upper Level - Floor Two

Floor Two has one of the few offices on-duty doctors can use on the left and a bunks area for on-duty staff dead ahead, in which you can also find the duty roster for the doctors. Down to the right is an extended area of the bunks area, considered a common area. Down the hallway and down the stairs is a vent entrance on the left that leads to a small storage room. To the right will be a small laboratory, likely inhabited by specialists before the incident.

Going further will reveal a ward for crisis treatment, all with identical rooms overviewing the lobby. Doctor Morley is in one of these rooms.


San Cristobal features a minor area which is considered an intermediary level. It contains two morgues on either side, and a control room in the middle. Down the hallway to the left, almost directly across from the farthest morgue, is a vent entrance. Considering you have to climb a ladder in the vents, it is expected to be lower than any other level San Cristobal might have harbored.

Main Level - Wards and Treatment

The Main Level is a larger level than before and much less linearly designed. When dropping from the vent that lead there from the morgue, you will find yourself in another common area for doctors. Straight ahead from there is also a common area that is mostly stashed with supplies and boxes. To the right are showers and a blocked off hallway, which lead to the same as the left hallway - Lingard's office, the security checkpoint and the entrance to the actual main level of the hospital.

In the main level of the hospital, there is a surgical room in the center, as well as a ward. In the far North section of the map is another ward, left of center is a room which the use of is unclear. To the left is the ambulance bay unlocking in the later stages of the game. To the right is a small laboratory and the entrance to the lobby.

From the Lobby, in the far-most left corner there is the Dentist's office, main reception and a side room, likely used as a quick-test laboratory due to its proximity to the reception before the incdient.


  • The override code that opens the locked doors in the medical center — 1702 — is the birthday of Alien: Isolation writer Will Porter.[1]
  • San Cristobal is an island situated in the Galapagos Archipelago, a possible namesake for the medical facility.
  • San Cristobal is the Spanish name for Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travellers according to the Roman Catholic Church and one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. It is believed Saint Christopher's intercession was effective against the Bubonic plague and dangers while travelling, hence the use of his name for a hospital on a deep space port.
  • Within the ward on the upper level of the San Cristobal Medical Facility (the "rotunda" overlooking the lobby) there are two sealed red security doors. These doors can never be opened, yet the treatment rooms beyond, A-23 and A-24, are listed on the game map, despite being inaccessible.




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