"If we don't get word out, they're going to bury this thing and all of us with it."
"What's your name?"
"Samwell, Samwell Stone."
Stone and Cpl. Hicks (from Stasis Interrupted)

Samwell Stone was a former Colonial Marine and colonist who, in 2179, was kidnapped while in hypersleep by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and taken aboard the USS Legato, presumably for the purpose of Xenomorph experimentation or breeding. When the Xenomorphs on the Legato escaped, Stone managed to flee the ship with Turk, first boarding the USS Sulaco, to which the Legato was tethered, and later traveling to Fiorina "Fury" 161 with Corporal Dwayne Hicks, where the two were recaptured by Weyland-Yutani.

Stone was subsequently taken to LV-426 where he was personally interrogated by Michael Weyland. After he had divulged all the useful information he knew, Weyland had Stone executed by one of his PMCs.


Early life[]

"I was Gunnery Sergeant, USCM."
Stone, regarding his past (from Stasis Interrupted)

Sometime before 2179, Stone was a Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Colonial Marine Corps and had become very proficient with a variety of the weapons used by the Corps, including the M41A Pulse Rifle MK2, M37A2 Pump Shotgun, and M39 Submachine Gun.

Prior to the incident, Stone had apparently suffered a personal loss, spending his days on welfare checks, drinking booze and staring at "their empty rooms". A company recruiter had unsuccessfully tried to make him sign up as an off-world colonist but eventually convinced him that they would have wanted him to get off his back and do something with the rest of his life. 

Onboard the Legato[]

"Damn, Stone! Solid hit!"
Turk, after Stone knocks out a Weyland-Yutani scientist (from Stasis Interrupted)

While escaping the Legato, Stone and Turk entered a locker room and Stone knocked out a Weyland-Yutani researcher, saving Lisbeth Hutchins who had been hiding in the locker the employee was about the open. Stone told Lisbeth of their plan to board the Marine starship, the Sulaco, that the Legato was tethered to, but Lisbeth told them that she planned to find her parents in hypersleep storage. Regardless, the three decided it would be best if they stuck together. They then proceeded through the ship, bypassing Remote Sentry Turrets and Weyland-Yutani PMCs. Once the three arrived at the umbilical attaching the USS Legato to the USS Sulaco, Stone tried to convince Lisbeth to come with them to the Sulaco, but Lisbeth refused and decided to split up to find her parents at Level-3 Bay-4 in hypersleep storage. With Lisbeth gone, Stone and Turk boarded the Sulaco.

Onboard the Sulaco[]

"Nothing else can be done here and you can bet they're sending more'n these piss ants to find out what just went down. Corporal, we need to go."
Stone, to Hicks (from Stasis Interrupted)
Sulaco approach

The USS Sulaco, which Stone and Turk boarded to find help.

They both entered the hypersleep chamber together, where they found Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Ellen Ripley, the damaged Bishop and Newt in stasis sleep. They both decided to get the only marine that was asleep and made sure he didn't go into shock while waking him up.

After awakening Hicks, the group was ambushed by three Wey-Yu PMCs entering the room. During the fight, stray fire from one of the PMC's M39 Submachine Gun hit the Facehugger attached to Ripley's face, spilling the Facehugger's acid blood and starting a fire as a result. A PMC threw Turk into Hicks' open cryotube and closed it, before all four stasis tubes were loaded into a Type 337 EEV and launched into space.

Stone then informed Hicks of the situation and that everything would be covered up by Weyland-Yutani if the two didn't get the word out. Hicks then realized that they would need stronger weapons. Together, they proceeded to the security checkpoint on the next deck, fighting through numerous Wey-Yu PMCs. After gearing up, the two made plans to use the Sulaco's Service Skiff in Engineering to rescue Ripley, Turk, Newt and Bishop. Once again Stone had to fight through numerous Weyland-Yutani PMCs, as well as Xenomorphs.

While on his way to Engineering, Hicks informed Stone that the uplink was no good, but that the telemetry of the EEV with Ripley and the others in it, shows that it tracked to Fiorina 161 which has a penal colony, likely with a long range communication uplink. Hicks also informed Stone that they would soon be out of range for the Service Skiff to make the trip, causing Stone to start moving faster.

As Stone was making his way to Engineering, Lisbeth contacted him and informed him that both her parents were killed and that she was going to blow up the Legato. Hicks than contacted Stone who informed Hicks of Lisbeth's plan. Hicks, realizing that if Lisbeth detonated the ship while the Sulaco was still tethered to it would destroy both ships, he told Stone to meet him on the starboard weapon deck because he had an idea.

When Stone arrived at the weapon deck, Hicks told him that there was no way they were getting near the umbilical to separate the ships, but that a few well-placed shots from one of the Sulaco's mounted exterior guns could cut the tether. Stone manned the gun and fired the ordnance while Hicks painted the targets for him. The two succeeded in destroying the umbilical, separating the ships just a few seconds before the Legato self-destructed, due to Lisbeth activating the self destruct system.

On Fiorina 161[]

"I grabbed a deck of cards from the crew's quarters."
Stone and Hicks, on their way to Fiorina 161 (from Stasis Interrupted)

Fiorina 161, which Stone and Hicks journeyed to.

After refueling the Service Skiff, Hicks and Stone set a course for Fiorina 161, hoping to rescue Turk, Newt, and Ripley. Unbeknownst to Hicks and Stone, however, the EEV had crash-landed on Fiorina 161, killing Turk and Newt and rendering Bishop damaged beyond repair, leaving Ripley as the only survivor. Two days later, they finally arrived at Fiorina, landing at the Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit shortly after Michael Weyland and his Weyland-Yutani Commandos arrived on the planet aboard the Patna. As Hicks and Stone arrived, they were noticed by two commandos and the two watched Ripley fall into the furnace to prevent Weyland from obtaining the Queen Chestburster inside her.

Capture and execution[]

"What do you want from me?"
Stone to Weyland (from Stasis Interrupted)
Michael Weyland

Michael Weyland, who was holding Stone captive.

The two commandos who noticed Stone and Hicks before then captured the two. Hicks and Stone were subsequently taken to the Resolute, where they were interrogated by Michael Weyland. After revealing all the information he knew about the incident, Stone was executed by a PMC with an M41A Pulse Rifle MK2.

Personality and Traits[]

"That was a different life. Let's just stick with Stone."
Stone, brushing off his past (from Stasis Interrupted)

At some point before awakening on the Legato, Stone suffered a personal loss that greatly affected him to the point where the former Marine was living off of welfare checks and drinking to escape. He eventually came out of that mindset on the Legato and knew with what was happening on the ship that he should get help from the Marines stationed on the Sulaco. Stone also wasn't going to allow what happened to be buried by Weyland-Yutani and was willing to fight so word could get out.


"You showed some real skills back there."
Hicks, regarding Stone's combat skills (from Stasis Interrupted)
M41A Mark II

The M41A Pulse Rifle MK2, which was one of the weapons in Stone's arsenal.

During the incidents on the Legato and Sulaco, Stone wielded the M39 Submachine Gun, M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 and the M37A2 Pump Shotgun against Weyland-Yutani PMCs and Xenomorphs. Stone also carried a sidearm and an M314 Motion Tracker while escaping the Sulaco.


  • After escaping the Sulaco in a shuttle, Stone mentions that he grabbed a deck of cards from the crew quarters for the trip (even though you do not do so in-game). Hicks responds with, "Outstanding." This is a reference to a line said by Hicks in Aliens, said after the group has made plans to fortify their position inside Hadley's Hope — "Outstanding. Now all we need is a deck of cards."
  • Stone's belt buckle has a Weyland-Yutani logo on it.




  1. Aliens: Colonial Marines occurs roughly 17 weeks after Aliens, so July 28th plus 17 weeks (119 days) it would be November 24th, then from this date Hicks mentioned that he was prisoners for 13 weeks and 4 day (so 95 days), November 24th minus 95 day would be August 21st, Hicks and Stone were captured on August 11th on Fiorina 161 at the end of Alien3 and Stone is executed just before Hicks' first evasion on August 21st.