Dr. Salvaje was a Xenomorph cultist active in the early 2190's on Earth.


In 2192, he formed an organization called Church of Immaculate Incubation that worshiped the Xenomorph species as the "True Messiah" and had anywhere from several hundred to several thousand members. Sometime that year, Salvaje and the members of his cult attacked a facility in Lima to release his messiah onto the planet. Due to Salvaje's actions the planet was overrun with the creatures within the next year and a half.

Early History[]

Born into a wealthy family, Salvaje had no need to really work to live with his parents' wealth to support him. At some point in his life, Salvaje worked for Lasalle Bionational and made the acquaintance of Gerard. During this time, Salvaje came across one of his company's bio-weapon systems that involved a specific creature. He later became obsessed with the creatures and wanted to unleash them on the Earth, to rid the planet of non-believers and the weak. At some specific time, Salvaje's beliefs and organization gained the attention of the Terran Government.

His "True Messiah"[]

After hiring a tech in early 2192, Salvaje began broadcasting his message on the net. He managed to accumulate between several hundred to several thousand followers. Obsessed with carrying the creature's young, Salvaje would hire a pregnant prostitute for "studying" on asking her how it felt to carry a living being. Around this time Salvaje's tech Pindar was being harassed by government agents regarding Salvaje's activities. The tech confronted Salvaje on what made him so special to the government and mentioned that he was done working for Salvaje.

After discovering that his former employers had one of his "messiahs" on Earth, Salvaje put together a plan with his organization to assault the facility in Lima and become one with the "messiah". The plan went well with several waves of suicide bombers taking out most of the defenses onsite, and Salvaje and the rest of his members, wearing just robes attacked the remaining guards and killed them.

Entering the secured wing of the facility, and unknowingly setting off the self-destruct failsafe, Salvaje and his followers disrobed revealing the full body tattoos of xenomorphs on himself and his followers and leaned over the eggs in the facility. The egg opened and the creature inside leapt out at Salvaje who at this time started to realize what he was getting himself into and tried to scream before the creature attached itself to his face. While at the time his fate was unknown, it is later shown that he died while on a plane by the creature fully gestating in his body. A few of his infected followers survived and caused the start of the infestation on Earth.