Safe Haven is a DLC expansion for the 2014 video game Alien: Isolation. As with the majority of Isolation's DLC packs, it expands the game's Survivor mode, introducing a new map and a new playable character as well as a new Salvage Challenges mode. Set before the events of the main game, players assume the role of Hughes as they are forced to leave their secure safe room in order to gather desperately needed supplies.

Unlike the game's previous DLC packs, Safe Haven includes only a single new map, tied to the new Salvage Challenges mode. Despite Hughes being the suggested playable character, players can choose from a selection of characters (including Lingard, Axel, Amanda Ripley and Ransome), each of whom start with different weapons and equipment.

Safe Haven was the fifth piece of DLC for the game, released on January 14, 2015.


Salvage Challenges mode

The new Salvage Challenges mode introduced in Safe Haven substantially changes Survivor gameplay; whereas previous Survivor instalments consisted of individual maps that simply required the player to complete an objective and escape, with optional point-scoring objectives available along the way, Salvage Challenges mode instead requires the player to complete multiple stages — each consisting of a new objective — on the same map, which is itself considerably larger than any of the preceding Survivor maps. In between stages, the player returns to the starting safe room.

Safe Haven - Salvage terminal

The terminal in the safe room, showing two currently available tasks. Also accessible from this terminal is a readme file that explains Salvage Challenges mode to the player.

Each stage consists of two possible objectives, called tasks — the player chooses between these tasks using a Sevastolink terminal in the safe room, based on the skills and equipment they will likely require and the reward that will be given upon completion. Tasks also award points that decrease the longer it takes the player to complete them, much like the optional objectives in previous Survivor mode maps. To beat Salvage Challenges mode and escape, the player must complete ten stages without dying. Successive stages introduce more challenging enemies, be they human looters, hostile Working Joes or the Alien itself. There is a save station in the safe room than can be used in between tasks at the cost of points. If the player is killed, they will either return to the last save or, if no save has been made, the very beginning of the challenge.

In between stages, the player can end the game by using the elevator in the safe room. Doing so will upload their current score to the Salvage Challenges leaderboard. However, a final time will only be recorded if the player successfully completes all ten stages.


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