"Every hundred years, the Gods would return, and when they did, they would expect a sacrifice. Humans were used to breed the ultimate prey."
Sebastian (from Alien vs. Predator)

An unnamed sacrificial maiden was one of the individuals selected by ancient humans and offered up to visiting Yautja as a host for a Xenomorph, as part of the Yautja's hunting rituals carried out on the planet Earth.


"They weren't bound in any way. They went to die willingly. Men and women. It was considered an honor."
Sebastian, describing the sacrifice (from Alien vs. Predator)

The sacrificial maiden was one of the "chosen ones" selected by their people to act as a host for a Chestburster, a human sacrifice offered to the Yautja so that young members of their race may undertake an initiation hunt against the Xenomorphs that were born as a result. The victims would go to their deaths willingly, considering it an honor, fulfilling the pact between humans and their "Gods", the Yautja. As such, the maiden lay on one of the plinths inside the sacrificial chamber and allowed a Facehugger to attach to her face. After implantation was complete, the maiden remained where she was until the Chestburster emerged from her chest, killing her and signalling the start of the hunt.


  • The pendant worn by the maiden around her neck carries the curled Xenomorph fetus design originally created for Alien3's marketing campaign.




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