Sacricial Chamber Present

The sacrificial chamber beneath Bouvet Island.

The sacrificial chamber is a room within a Yautja pyramid where Xenomorphs are bred from sacrificial hosts so that adolescent Yautja can take part in initiation hunts.[1]


The chamber itself was typically circular and very tall, its high walls lined with the skulls and spines of those who had been sacrificed there. The victims lie on several stone slabs arranged in a circular pattern around the center of the room, at the base of which is a receptacle for the Egg that is used to impregnate them. The Eggs are delivered by an automated system installed by the Yautja. The hosts would lie on the slabs while the implantation process is carried out, remaining there until the Chestbursters inside them emerge killing them and signalling the start of the hunt.

Directly beneath the sacrificial chamber is another room containing a sarcophagus that holds the young Yautja's Plasmacasters, their prize for succeeding in their hunt.


At an unknown time in the past, Predators visited the earth and the early humans worshiped them. The Yautja taught humans how to build and in exchange, they wanted sacrifices once every hundred years. The sacrificial chamber within the pyramids that were built was used for these sacrifices. While the sacrifices went willingly and considered it a great honor, the room would be sealed moments before the eggs would be raised up, this was either to prevent the maidens from escaping or to make sure none of the Xenomorphs attack those who were not to be sacrificed such as the high priests, who leave the room just before it was due to be sealed.

The old sacrificial chamber was destroyed when an infestation got out of control, however, there was another which was identical in appearance in a different pyramid that was buried beneath two thousand feet of ice.

The other sacrificial chamber was used for 2004 hunt. However, the mechanisms were triggered prematurely by a group of humans, trapping the other group in the chamber, consequently resulting in them being impregnated with Chestbursters by Facehuggers. This started off "the hunt" too soon, causing the hunters to only rely on their melee weapons. Removing the Plasmacasters from their resting place in the chamber below was what would trigger the pyramid into sealing the chamber and raising the eggs.

Sometime after this, the chamber eventually became a hive for the xenomorphs, with most of its interior being webbed and cocooned in resin, hosts were then brought here and usually either place in the main chamber or in the trophy area, where the skulls were.

The sacrificial chamber was destroyed along with rest of the pyramid when the surviving predator, Scar, activated its self-destruct system and threw it in a room that was next to the chamber.


  • A modification named "Hunter's Moon" for Aliens versus Predator 2 allows players to play in the sacrificial chamber from the film, as well as the rest of the pyramid and Razorback Point on the surface above.
  • Despite the fact there has apparently been numerous hunts every century, the last being in 1904. There no other host bodies in the chamber except for Maidens. Logically there should be some from the last hunt and those before it.



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