Private First Class S. Trubetskoy was a member of United States Colonial Marine Corps aboard the USS Sephora when it discovered the USS Sulaco in orbit above Acheron (LV-426) in 2179.


Trubetskoy was in rookie squad, which was briefed before boarding the Sulaco. However, they were not properly briefed on the hazards of Xenomorph acid blood in close quarters. When the squad was aboard the Sulaco, Private Trubetskoy was attacked by a Lurker and they grappled while his squad mates attempted to kill it. The squad successfully killed the Lurker, but its acid blood hit Trubetskoy, killing him.


  • S. Trubetskoy's Dog Tag is found in "Mission 1: Distress", located on a crate in the back of the control room at the very end of the mission (also the final room in the mission). Although it is the third Dog Tag that can be found, it is listed as Dog Tag 14 in Special Projects - Dog Tags. The Dog Tag is the only time S. Trubetskoy is mentioned.


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