"I don't think he gives a shit."
Albright (from Predator 2)

Ruth Albright[2] was an elderly lady living with her husband Herb in Los Angeles in 1997.[1]


Albright was watching Jeopardy! on her television when the City Hunter crashed through her bathroom wall after Mike Harrigan had sent the creature plummeting from a rooftop by severing its arm. Hearing the Predator's agonized howls as it administered emergency medical aid to itself, she went to investigate, unfazed by the inhuman roars despite only being armed only with a broomstick. As she neared the bathroom, the City Hunter smashed through the door and ran from her apartment, closely followed by Harrigan in pursuit.


  • When Albright is leaving the television room to investigate the bathroom, Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy!, can be heard giving the final Jeopardy! "answer": "Berengaria, who never set foot in England, was its queen for eight years after marrying this king on Cyprus." The "question" is "Who is Richard I?"



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