Russel was a Seegson employee serving aboard Sevastopol Station, working in the Seegson Synthetics department. When a lone Xenomorph was unleashed on the station by the crew of the Anesidora in 2137, he became one of the survivors desperately waiting for rescue.


Russel and Alistair Smythe seemed to be close associates with one another.

During the Xenomorph outbreak, Smythe and Russel took refuge outside of the Synthetic Showroom where they hoarded supplies, with Russel announcing to any remaining survivors who came across his archive log that he would be setting up a shop. He also expressed concern over the disappearance of fellow associates Suzanne and Spedding and hoped that if anyone knew where Suzanne was they would notify him.

Whilst Amanda Ripley was onboard the station, Russel and Smythe were exploring Seegson Synthetics around the fluid plant reception when a Working Joe began chasing Russel. In a fit of desperation, Russel ran to the elevator and was able to escape, abandoning Smythe. Afterwards, he shut down access to the elevator so the Working Joe couldn't follow him, and sent a message to Smythe assuring that he would come back for him, to which Smythe angrily replied.

However, Russel was killed, possibly by another Working Joe, before he could reach Smythe. A Working Joe later killed Smythe by shoving a rolled up magazine down his throat, choking him to death.


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