Russ was a colonist living on the world of Rim in the 2170's with his wife Sarah, his son Vick, and his daughter Billie. During an expedition of Rim in 2179, with his family and family friend Gene Zendall, Russ came across a strange crash site after picking up strange readings. Russ, Sarah, and Gene left the transport to go investigate the wreckage. While inside the downed ship, the three investigated an alien creature's remains. Sometime later, Russ comes across some strange eggs; leaning over one to investigate, it opened and Russ was attacked by a strange creature. Being drug out of the ship by his wife and his friend, Russ was taken back to the colony. Russ later died and the colony was eventually infested and overrun by the creatures that grew from the hosts. His daughter was the sole survivor from the colony.


Behind the Scenes

Russ Jorden

Russ was originally Russ Jorden before Newt was scripted to die in Alien3.

Russ' daughter Billie was originally Newt from the movie Aliens, effectively making Russ Russ Jorden from the film. But after Newt was scripted to die in Alien3, the character and her backstory were retconned into similar characters.

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